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Posted: October 1, 2006 in All in a day's work

finally, was able to maneuver through all the buttons and commands on this blog. i have been told by many people to put up my own blog since it’s something everyone’s doing. so here it is. the blog title should have been “tindahan ni aling nena”… but some people suggested the title should be in english.. sarah suggested the title “like a rolling stone” from dylan. we fused the two ideas and ended up with “like a rolling store”.

don’t be fooled by the picture header. this blog is still about the “not-so-serious life and times” of the author.

by now, everyone is probably blogging about the recent storm and the massive power outage. we still don’t have electricity in our side of quezon city. the electricity posts in timog snapped like toothpicks during the storm. we still don’t have any idea when power will be restored. funny the meralco folks who are often quick to collect payments are kinda slow during repairs. but at this point, i am willing to cut them some slack and let them do their job. last night i slept at the office because of the power outage. seems like i’m the only person here in the office without electricity at home…

yesterday i bought a broom, just so i could bring home something i could clean the house with. but circumstances led me to SM north later in the afternoon. i had to go with some friends to SM, broom in hand. i went around “the block” at SM, still carrying the broom. passed by the grocery, still with the broom. went to a bookstore, had the broom. texted and inquirer reporter, broom on one hand. the people at the baggage counters were nice enough not to have the broom checked-in, probably knowing that there was a storm and people are just cleaning up. or maybe they just didn’t know what to do with the broom, like that security guy at Fully-booked .

relief work has started and we hope to collect as much relief goods as we can by next week. there’s a lot of damage in the countryside especially in Bicol. Beng is going to their community base in Tondo to check out the folks there. Only two months ago, the folks there lost their homes when a fire broke out, just before the SONA rallies. Now they lost their homes again in the storm.

  1. adarna says:

    waw! naks, official blogger ka na! congratz, mr. activist-musician. hehe

  2. kim says:

    at last! nice first post.

  3. tonyo says:

    welcome to the progressive part of the growing blogosphere!

  4. Rachel says:

    zoinks! Hell just froze over! Nato has a blog! LOL