Listening List Part 2 (Revolutionary Rap, 80’s sounds and many more)

Posted: February 9, 2007 in Music

Listening List Part 2

On heavy rotation in my CD player, computer, MP3 player:

1. Blue Scholars – Both the self-titled album and the Long March album. Very progressive, socially-oriented, anti-imperialist for sure, hip-hop with mass line! -First learned about this Seattle-based rap group from some Fil-Ams who visited the Philippines in 2005. Never got to really listen to them having very low hip-hop IQ (the only hip-hop act I took seriously was Dead Prez, and only because they were progressive/revolutionary). I recently got to revisit the Blue Scholars sound especially with the ongoing Stop the Killings campaign in the US (they’re gonna do a US tour to raise awareness on the political killings in the Philippines). Anyone into music as a form of protest should listen to the Scholars. Thanks to Bayan USA (Rach, Berna, Jo, and Joaqs) for bringing the group to our attention.

2. Lilly Allen – British singer with a charming voice, unique sound and cute videos. Easy listening. Definitely a welcome break from all that bossa nova going around.

3. The Killers “Sam’s Town” album – Oh they are very good. A friend thinks the singer sounds like Bono in some tracks. I say he sounds like Meatloaf, but with more edge. The 80’s sound is back. Check out Bones and This River is Wild.

4. Razorlight – Irish band with a very interesting sound. They have a 70’s feel to their music. They did entertaining covers of the Pogues’ Fairytale of New York and Outkast’s Hey Ya. Corinne Bailey Rae covered their song Golden Touch.

5. Plus 44 – formerly Blink 182. I only enjoyed two of their tracks; When Your Heart Stops Beating and Make You Smile which they recorded with Carol Heller.

Currently exploring and appreciating:

1. Native Guns – Fil-Am rap group based in San Francisco. Revolutionary no doubt. Members are activists working on community issues as well as solidarity with the struggle in the home front.

2. Talib Kweli – another progressive hip-hop act, also known in the Philippines for a video he did with Mary J. Blige for the song “I Try”. Lyrically and musically sharp. A friend started me off on the “Just to Get By” and that was enough to get me interested.

  1. jo says:

    walang anuman. i’m determined to increase your hip hop IQ from low to intermediate.

  2. Hahaha…Nato and his music binge. I’m quite infatuated with Lily Allen myself and seeing her perform April 2nd. I think with Dead Prez, Blue Scholars, Native Guns and Talib, you’re on the right track.