Tatsulok: The music video by Bamboo

Posted: February 26, 2007 in Music, Socio-Political

And now comes the video. 

Bamboo has released the music video for their cover of the Buklod classic “Tatsulok”. I caught the video on the Myx Channel just recently. Being on Myx, the music video showed the lyrics of this politically charged anthem against repression. It’s not everyday that you see Heart Evangelista and scathing protest music appear on the same TV program.


I already wrote about Bamboo’s cover of Tatsulok in an earlier post.


On to the video itself. Seemed the listening public did not have to wait too long to see this highly anticipated (at least by the tibaks) video from Bamboo.


Off hand, the video seemed “contemplative” in its approach. Perhaps the makers of the video thought that the song already had very strong political content and so the visual had to be more subdued, something that would make viewers think and reflect. Thus we have scenes of Bamboo on standing on the ledge, of the band members playing among the ruins of a war-torn city, and other scenes that focused on the band members.


Ok, the video tried to be a bit profound and not too literal with its take on the song.


Either that or the producers wanted to make a very safe video that won’t cross the line of what is still considered commercially viable.


I’m hoping it was the first.


Just the same, despite all that heavy computer graphics and contemplative moments, the video is still a welcome development for fans of Bamboo and for social activists hoping to see more relevance in the music scene.





  1. Jonna says:

    Hindi ko pa po nakita ang mtv. Pero si Tats daw na prof ko dati sa FA ang matandang version ni Bamboo. Ehehe.

    Hindi ko nga rin po pala nasabi. Nagkausap na kami ni Mam Tarits last week pa. Hehe. Hinihintay ko na lang ang endorsement galing kina Ate Berna. Sayang. Tsk tsk. Nawala na ang element of surprise. &;p

  2. atomicgirl says:

    you saw it on tv already? do you have like a youtube link or something?

  3. adarna says:

    e eto alam mu na ba? binati nina bamboo at aira ang anakbayan sa SOP. az in, hehe

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