Hip-hop stars rally for Jena 6

Posted: October 5, 2007 in Music, Socio-Political
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I have been reading about the case of the Jena 6 in the US. The issue deals with racism in the legal system, black kids not getting the equal application of justice that they deserved. Too much punishment was meted out the teens for assaulting a white student. The incident happened when three white students hung nooses on a tree in school.

I came across this news article about hip-hop artists taking up the issue of the Jena 6. Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common and M1 from Dead Prez. The linked up with the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, a group that I got to know about when their representative visited the Philippines last year. MXGM does real organizing work among black communities, even wanting to learn how we in the Philippines do our organizing work in prison.

Filipino hip-hop artists can be inspired the solidarity work being done by hip-hop artists abroad.

  1. i think that all people should be equal and that president bush is destroy our country and why are we fighting the in iraq for and why arent we hearing the truth about everything.we should just leave from iraq and let them run there own country because we have our own problems like the one with jena6and there young kids dieing in these dangerrous streets and racism.WE suppose to the graetest country and the richest but we have people in poverty and the government say that we dont have no money but you can spend billions of dollars for a war that we dont know whay where fighting for. the government told the hurricane victims they had to have money if you dont you got to go to another state and they are tring to take Louisana off the map. The government makes 30,000 dollar a year for black and latinos in jail cell.