Drastic Fantastic

Posted: November 21, 2007 in Music
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KT Tunstall’s sophomore outing Drastic Fantastic is well worth the wait. Walang tapon sa album. All songs are good. The album was released last September 10, 2007 with the track Hold On as the first single. Those who loved Black Horse and a Cherry Tree will love the first single. The music is folksy, sprinkled with pop and alternative hooks but to me is also reminiscent of Aimee Mann (Hopeless) and even Queen (Saving My Face).

Tunstall has a new band, or at least I think they are new since the back up vocalists are more noticeable now. They sport the same hairdo too. The presence of the two back up vocalists kinda makes the sound fuller and of course the harmonies are more diverse.

Drastic Fantastic, like Eye to the Telescope, provides hours of great listening and gives us a glimpse into the talents of a young musician who used to do busking to hone her skills. I’m sure KT Tunstall has a lot more to offer in the future. For now, we content ourselves with another album from a true music wonder.


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