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Posted: February 13, 2008 in Socio-Political
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Right now folks are gearing for protest actions and other “communal actions” set to happen in the next few days.

There’s a noise barrage set tomorrow, February 14. Yep, it’s Valentines Day but we’re still hoping that “love for country” will not be lost during the annual affair.

There’s a multi-sectoral rally set on Friday, February 15 at Ayala, Makati, the first in a long time that a protest action was held there. People are excited to come together again in collective outrage over what is happening in the country.

On Sunday,  a Mass will be celebrated in La Salle Green Hills for Jun Lozada.

People are being moved into action because they are seeing and hearing “Live” on media how the government is desperately trying to cover up its corruption and misdeeds.

This morning we saw on the news that the NBI reportedly raided the former office of Lozada at the Philippine Forest Corporation. Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales seemed to be defending the actions of the NBI in this one.

If this is how the government hopes to resolve the political crisis, by violating more of its own laws, then the people are all the more justified to protest.

At the hospital last Monday, when I turned on the TV to catch the Senate hearing, on-duty nurses went inside our room and sat and watched and discussed about Lozada and the ZTE. Everyone has been affected by the latest corruption probe.

A lot of people could relate to the feeling of “inaapi”. A lot of people could sympathize with Lozada and his plight.  Many are outraged over the abuse of power the government is capable of doing just so it could save its own skin.

I’ve talked to some friends and they are saying that the cover up is somehow worse than the actual crime of corruption. Why? Because the ZTE deal has been canceled and that sort of mitigates its ill effects. But the cover up, that one is still ongoing and is still claiming victims like Lozada. The cover up continues to insult our collective intelligence as a people.

Whichever you may find worse, the original crime or the cover up, there is no doubt that someone must be made accountable. Heads must roll, so they say. It won’t happen out of the government’s own volition. We have to make it happen.

The government is asking its critics to “moderate” their protests.

The only reason this  government continues to exist is because the ordinary Juan dela Cruz has.

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