The Sweetest Thing

Posted: March 26, 2008 in Not-so-serious

This post is seven weeks overdue.


It’s about our first baby, Dylan Viktor and the story of his life story thus far.


Last February 11, Beng was admitted at the Philippine General Hospital as she already started going into labor (or at least wanted to go into labor). Her OB recommended she go through this acupuncture thing so that child birth can be induced. It’s actually pretty safe. Beng herself was a doctor so she kinda knew what she was getting into.


On our first day at the hospital, not much happened. Beng was in the Labor Room and I had to wait at the patient’s room, watching the live broadcast of the Lozada hearing at the Senate. The nurses on duty even joined me in the room as they too were interested in what was going on in the Senate.


On our first day, we were looking forward to a normal delivery aided by an epidural.


On the second day at the hospital, still no progress with the labor. Beng had to be brought back to the patient’s room as she was exhausted from spending the night at the labor room.


On the third day, frustration started to set in as still there was no progress with Beng’s labor. That was February 13. Beng and I kidded each other that the baby was just being difficult because it wanted to be born on Valentine’s Day. Beng was already back at the labor room that day.


By 12 midnight that day, I got a text from Beng greeting me “Happy Valentine’s”.  Two hours later, I got a call from Beng asking me to proceed to the Delivery Room. Her OB had decided she would undergo a C-section, something we hadn’t really expected (and something that I somehow feared).


But we did get our “wish” though, to have a baby born on February 14.


I was allowed to document on video the operation. It was quick. The footage of the baby coming out took less than two minutes. The baby was a feisty one, already crying as soon as its head came out.


Our whole 30-minute episode inside the delivery room was filled with worry and amazement. A friend told me that the first time you get to see your child, it would be the most amazing feeling. He was right. I don’t remember how many times I played back the less than two minute video of the delivery. I kept viewing the video clips and the photos over and over. It was the sweetest thing.


The baby was 3.5 kg at birth and was born at around 3:00 am. The OB just loved delivering babies at that unholy hour since according to her, she had the delivery room and equipment all to herself. 


Beng was knocked out from the anesthesia and she needed time to rest. As for myself, I had to attend the last meetings in preparation for the first Ayala rally on February 15. I had no sleep nor time to rest, but it didn’t matter. I did get asked jokingly on a radio interview on DZMM if I would still be joining the rally considering my wife just gave birth. I did join and speak at the rally. Beng understood, as she watched the rally on TV while cradling baby Dylan in her arms.


Back at the hospital, turns out the staff there watched the rally too and gave their feedbacks on the action, just as we were about to check out of the hospital. Let me just say that the doctors and nurses at the PGH, and the employees from the union, are simply the best at what they do. If only they can get the budget that the health sector deserves, a lot more people would be able to avail of good service at lower cost.


About the baby’s name, half of it was from me (Dylan), the other from Beng (Viktor). We kinda thought it would make for a good rock n’roll name, hehe. One ninang pointed out the significance of the name Viktor, which she said stood for “victory”. Indeed at the time of his birth, people sensed “victory” was not as unreachable as it had been just a year ago. We were riding a tide of protests against an evil regime.


Last March 14, Dylan Viktor was one month old. There was a little salo-salo at home. Beng cooked spaghetti even though she didn’t like anything that had noodles or pasta in it. I came home late though since we had to wrap up the Liwasang Bonifacio rally.


The baby is now probably almost 5 kg. He’s quite energetic and may I say “durable”. He’s not fragile, I mean. And it seems he just can’t wait to grow and move around. He does have a mean cry, quite loud.


And oh, it took him one week before he “learned” breastfeeding. Seems there’s a relation between having a C-section and the mom being able to immediately breastfeed. Dylan feeds a lot now. Beng affectionately calls him “Tabayoyong”, and endearing reference to his being “mataba”.


He is also undeniably cute, the explanation of course lies in….genetics. Hehe.


For the past seven weeks, we have been sleep-deprived. But all the troubles were surely worth it. Parenthood rocks!


And as parents, it is our hope that we raise our baby boy a good person; honest, decent and willing to stand up for what is right.

  1. adarna says:

    kyut kyut kyut ni viktor! kakagigil!

  2. Rachel says:

    Indeed it’s genetics – Dylan is so cute! Congrats you two! No doubt he’s in good hands with you two as parents!

  3. zel says:

    congratulations nato! and to beng 🙂 ang kyut nga!

  4. Thea Alberto says:

    Wow! well written nato! 🙂 Parang ang saya saya magkababy 🙂 naiinggit na tuloy ako! haha 🙂 O baka makita ko si Dylan sa rally several years from now! 🙂 hehehe

  5. cheng says:

    ang cute naman ni baby dylan… ang cute pa ng name….
    congrats sa inyong dalawa…
    wishing youall da best!!
    thanks for sharing this wonderful story 🙂

  6. allecoallende says:

    Brilliant! congratulations! i admit I had already taken to wondering why the heck you hadn’t written anything about being a new dada. This entry makes up for it, though. Cute baby!!!! kakagigil – buti na lang kamukha ni Beng!

  7. Ruth Blanco says:

    Hehehe… Rockstar na baby nyo ngayon pa lang. Dami nang fans! Ang cutey-cute nga… Congrats Nato and Beng! See you three soon! =)

  8. mike bagtas says:

    Congratulations, Nato! Buti na lang mukhang nagmana sa nanay niya baby mo, cute baby! Regards!

  9. INO says:

    congrats nato! kailan ka papainom? hehe…

  10. arnel gonzales says:

    congratulations brother!!!!
    ngayon kasapi ka na rin sa mga tatay na nagpapalit ng diaper!!!


  11. alvin cruz says:

    Welcome to the club!

  12. jonnabebeh says:

    Hangkyut! Congrats! &;p

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    congrats, pre

  14. gregson says:

    checkout sa youtube: andy mckee