How to get your Philippine driver’s license

Posted: May 7, 2008 in Uncategorized

I recently got my driver’s license from the Land Transportation Office in East Avenue.

The process is quite simple and, to be fair to the folks at LTO, fast and efficient. Here’s how I did it.

First tip, don’t go through a fixer. You don’t need one. Go through the normal process. It’s faster, simpler and less expensive.

You must first apply for a student permit to drive. This is quite easy. All you need is a valid ID and a birth certificate, I think. If you fall in line at the LTO by 9am, you’d have your student permit before 11am. Go get a form then pay the fees, then get your picture and electronic signature taken. It’s all quite fast. I think I just paid some P130, give or take. The student permit is valid for a year, enough time to learn how to drive.

Start practicing how to drive. Go to a driving school or get a licensed professional driver to teach you. You can only drive with your student permit if you have a licensed professional driver with you. Of course, when you know how to drive, you’d think this is a lame rule but it’s important still especially when it comes to making people accountable for accidents and stuff.

After one month of driving with a student permit, you can now apply for a non-professional driver’s license.

To get your “non-pro” license, bring your student permit and get two important tests done. Get a drug test and a medical test. These are the only other two requirements for a “non-pro”, aside from your 1 month-old student permit of course. To get the drug and medical tests, go to the compound across the LTO office in East Avenue. They have stalls there, parang carinderia, where you can get your drug test and medical test. The medical is just P80. This includes getting your height, weight and testing your eyesight. The drug test costs something more. You can get both for maybe less than P300 only. I got my drug test from High Precision (HP), big mistake, and it costs me P250. The whole thing will just take less than an hour. I would like to believe there are real doctors in those testing areas. =)

Having completed your tests, you can now go to the LTO to get your application form. After filling up the form, with the attached student permit and medical and drug tests, you will go to an evaluator who will take all your documents. Then you will go to a review area, where you will study for the written exam. They have a reviewer where all possible questions are written. You can get them either in English or Filipino.

After the review, you pay some fees then get your picture and electronic signature taken. Then you have your written exam. The exam is simple and is based entirely on the reviewers. The exam process is quite fast and efficient too. There are no cheat codes allowed too. The exam is printed in front of you, and examinees are seated alternately (so if you’re going in as a group thinking you’d be seated together, forget it). Some exam answers are already posted on the walls, especially those dealing with road signs. For a “non-pro”, you need to get 30 correct out of 40 questions. For professional drivers, you need 45 out of 60.

After your written exams, you wait for a few minutes before they call out your name and ask you to go to the practical driving area. There you pay the examinees P60 pesos. I paid P100 because they have no change.

At the practical driving area, you will be asked to drive a vehicle. It is recommended that you bring your own. Why? Because the LTO vehicle is a run-down owner-type jeep. I wasn’t able to bring a vehicle so I drove the jeep. It does relieve you of pressure though. Since you’re not familiar with the vehicle, it’s not entirely your fault if sh*t happens during the test. I saw one examinee bring her own car and still had problems driving around the test area. I survived the owner-jeep as we drove around only at first gear.

After the practical exams, you just have to wait for them to issue your license. It is done within the day. I finished my written and practical tests and payments between 9am and 12noon. There’s a lunch break from 12nn-1pm. I got my license at 2pm. It’s that fast. You get everything within the day. No fixers needed. Congrats to the folks at LTO for doing some good work.

  1. andrea says:

    thanks for this, kapatid! very helpful. kakatanong ko lang kay tonyo pano kumuha ng student permit. 🙂

  2. katie says:

    i just want to ask about the medical test. pano kung malabo yung mata mo? would that be a problem?

    tsaka sa practical test po ba magddrive ka lang? wala ng parking test or whatever? thanks!

    your entry is very helpful!

  3. jack b says:

    very helpful, thank you so much!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    I just want to ask, my student permit will be exactly one month on August 28, 2008. Can I apply non-pro in the exact day it will turn one-month old?
    The non-pro license they will give you is just a temporary license, is it true?
    I am not that good in parking, is it part of the drive test exam? Though I am good in driving a manual car hehe…
    Thanks, would appreciate you inputs…

  5. kirsten says:

    Kahit saan bang LTO pwede kumuha ng non-pro? Kasi parang sa LTO sa Makati walang place kung saan pwede practical test.

    I’m planning to get my non-pro next week kasi.

  6. hello kiki says:

    I got my pro license last week after my student permit got 5 months old. I just go to a fixer who previously did my student permit. No hassle at all, she ask me to comply police clearance and drug test then she filled up the form for me and ask me to wait for 30 minutes after which they took my pictures. I noticed that I was automatically called for picture taking even though some had to wait for their turn, some had waited for an hour for paying the fees and another hour for picture taking. I paid 1500 for the whole thing.

  7. hello kiki says:

    I havnt done the written and practical driving exam. During that time, I really have no idea on how to drive but I got my pro driver’s license even though I have no non-pro. My license indicates that I am licensed to operate 1-2-3 type of vehicle. Thanks to my fixer….

  8. wow! galing naman ng fixer mo…

    let’s just hope you don’t run over anyone, since you really don’t know how to drive as you said so yourself. try not to kill anyone while your driving. better yet, try not to kill yourself on the road.

  9. wenry villablanca says:

    its so sad sa LTO imus grabeh! nandoon na ako ng 9am.. nakalabas ako ng 4PM.. GALENG noh. thanks doon sa mga corrupt na officials kasi hindi ako nag pa fixer.. akala ko matino kayo (LTO IMUS!!! ang bulok nyo) bakit nyo iniibabaw ang mga pinapasa ng fixers. ang galeng nyo ha buong araw ako nandoon samantalang student lang ang kinukuha ko.. sana makamarma ang mga corrupt dyan at fixers.

  10. jeko11 says:

    wow, this entry is really helpful and informative, thanks.. but from May 2008, is it possible for the fee in applying for a student permit to be an unexplainable P700? that’s what I’ve been told at the driving school.. hay..

  11. Kitin says:

    Hi! may i know how to get to LTO East Ave.? Your entry is really helpful by the way. 😉 thanks!

  12. adiksamotor says:

    This is very helpful. Can I print this for future reference? Im about to process my Non-Pro License in a month and I am an idealistic pig-dont want fixers nor pampadulas, I think this worsens the “Pinoy situation”. One question though, will I be having a practical driving exam even if I will just be driving a motorcycle(2 wheels only)? I dont know how to drive a car(4 wheels-too complicated,hehe!)

  13. fateorfaith says:

    need pa ba ng TIN #?

  14. Eliseo E. Paton-og says:

    hi, can i know what is the exact date of the issuance of my philippine driver’s license. I really need it ASAP, My driver’s license B02-99-048499 RESTRICTION CODE 1,2&3 and it will erpire on 21-Oct.-2010. And also if I can acquire thru e mail a certificate so that i can use it to convert my driver’s license in singapore.

    Thank you very much and more power

    Eliseo Enoy Paton-og

  15. murraya says:

    hi! if you have a student permit, can you drive while being supervised by a driver with a NON-PROFESSIONAL license? because i’m going to driving school and will study driving for 5 days (i already know how to drive inside a parking lot, so the 5 days are for the real thing), but i can’t get my non-prof license until after one month! so i want to drive to school together with my dad…would that be okay? thanks!

  16. don’t risk it. drive with a person with a pro license. you just have to wait one month to get your non-pro. wait it out.

  17. chattee says:

    hi i want to get driving licensed

  18. Chris says:

    Hello! I have a very similar experience as you. Among the government agencies that I’ve had a chance to interact with, it seems like LTO is the most organized. And I’ve been driving for a long time now and I don’t recall bribing anyone in LTO. I have a similar post as yours, except mine is for license renewal.

  19. Chris says:

    And mine took around 3 hours

  20. Theo says:


    This is a nice topic and I found a article online about how to get a Philippine drivers license. Please see link below

  21. HEks says:

    me tanong ako sir about borrowing someones motor? inde ba restricted ung mga non pro na mag drive ng motor ng iba?

    saka nga pala sir/ LTO = super lol

    1600 po ang pa fixer yan po ung regular at 2plus naman po sa tinatawag nilang special!

    this is very available in LTO noveleta imus etch lahat cguro halos hahahaha

    inde ako nag pa fixer makunat ako saka marami akong time nung kumuha ako eh grabe sa tagal

  22. gary says:

    I dont have a phil driving license but her in ksa i have a prof license and i’m driving for 7 years now. I will be spending my 1 month vacation in phils this coming June. My question is, how can I get a prof phil. driving license? Do I need to start from step 1 or there’s a certain special consideration that will speed up the process..

  23. Angelo Cruz says:

    Sir Im 16 Years Old I want To Drive a Motorcyle buy Students Permit Lang ata Makukuha ko nid ko ng Non Pro License So ?? Sino may kilala sa LTO :))

  24. lynne says:

    Thank you so much for this post. EXACTLY what I needed! I am scheduled to go to LTO pasay tomorrow, with P2500 in hand because we have pre arranged a fixer, he said we start around 7:30 by 10:00 AM we will have the license. No tests, No driving nada!

    Times are tough now, so Im thinking If I should go ahead and do it 😦 After reading this, maybe not.


  25. Billie says:


  26. rara says:

    damn! wish LTO Batangas is as efficient as this.. it’ll be my 3rd day processing my request for a non-pro.. and i’m not yet done with my written exam and drive test.. wish me luck! lol

  27. Kat says:

    The services at LTO Imus are much better these days! 🙂 I’m happy to report that I successfully got my student license in only less than half an hour when I applied for it last November 2010. Yesterday, when I applied for a replacement of my student license (I had unfortunately recently lost it), the processing at LTO Imus still took me only less than half an hour. They were pretty organized and were doing a good job. 😀

  28. roland says:

    Thanks a lot dude….

  29. barumbado sa kalsada says:

    hi 1st time hir nakakatakot mag maneho ng sasakyan kasi gmit ko mini cooper na vintage pupugak pugak lately namatayan ako ng makina sa under pass hassle nag tulak ako kinabahan ako kasi tumulo pawis ko my phobia kasi me sa pawis..share ko lng

  30. Kuraodo Chizuru says:

    Hi guys! Mahirap ba ung written exam? Baka pde naman kau share kung anu ano ung mga common questions dun.. Thanks, (^_^).V,,

  31. xhizors says:

    mga tol ask ko lng kc gus2 ko kumiha ng license kso kapos na aq sa oras kc pabalik agad aq sa ibang bansa. may student permit na aq pero 3 yrs before pa un. so kukuha ult ako mapapakiusapan ko kaya ung tga lto na pagkakuha ko ng student permit eh apply agd ng professional. tgal na aq drive kso d lng tlga ako mkakuha ng licence kc wla time pag bkasyon. or need ko fixers? advise ty

  32. zar tac-an says:

    what if i lost my license driver? what do i need to do? will i go to lto and take all process again?

  33. zar tac-an says:

    xhizors kailangan magkaroon ka kahit one day time para sa license mo. or sa permit ,o pag balik mo dito philippines stay ka for 1 month then kuha ka pro license one day lang yun kasi ganun ung sa mom ko. wag ka punta sa fixers mahal dun tas illegal un dapat maging antifixers tayo. aun lang advice ko.

  34. daina says:

    through this blog. i’ve decided to go this place. The medical and drug test are not across the LTO office. you have to walk away from LTO and you can see the DRUGCHECK. but as you stop over at the LTO someone will go to you, and help you. they are not the fixers.
    Drug test – P300 Medical Test – P100. DO NOT GO TO THE FIXERS they ask too much money almost about 2k. But when you apply by yourselves you might pay almost P1200 or prabably less, all in all. The application fee is P168 and then the License Fee is P418. The car rental is P250 for cars/truck. P150 for the motors. Unfortunately I failed in the actual driving, shit really happens, i hate that bulok suzuki car.!! But I will go there again by monday. and i’ll bring my own car. 🙂 Oh well, credits for the creator of this blog! 🙂

  35. Aiste10 says:

    hello i found this site helpful.. i would just like to ask if that eyesight test have a color blind test or ishihara test coz if yes i cannot be able to get a license. i have a problem in discriminating colors.

    Thanks you

  36. Lenny Datu says:

    Totoo po bang kailangan ko pang magdala ng sariling truck para sa actual driving test kung magpapadagdag ako restiriction code?

    1 pa po totoo bang ito ang mga lalabas sa written exam?

    Pa confirm naman po, kasi yan ginagamit kong reviewer. TIA po sa lahat.

  37. Erica says:

    Hi! Thanks for the helpful tips! Just wondering, would you know if they would allow me to use my own car even if it is automatic?

  38. derailedpinoy says:

    meron ba online renewal sa lisensya dito? hindi ako maka uwi dyan satin dapat. plz advice. thanx

  39. not sure kung may online renewal. may mga tests kasi na dapat gawin eh, medical tests, drug tests etc, so duda ako pwedeng online. kukunan pa ng picture. yung form pwede ma-download online. =)

  40. May says:

    hello Sir Im May from Dipolog City its part of Zamboanga del Norte..I just want to ask question if how much ur total when u got ur license for non-prof?.i got confuse with the medical test becoz last monday I renew my Student permit to non-prof and I pay in the medical test 400 pesos and its only a urine test!.and then I pay my license for 1,800 becoz i didnt take the exam.and then I ask to the woman working at the LTO here in Dipolog why u charge me 1,800 and in the receipt its only 517.68 the total.and she told me maam since u dont take the exam the other amount u paid is for the examination..And then Sabi ko and Mahal naman ng byad ng exam nyo..and then i ask for receipt but she cant give me..Grabe..Monday ako nagpunta I got my license in tuesday around 3 o clock..pag my kilala ka loob mabilis lang pag wala kawawa kah..

  41. Paula says:

    are the exams all just filipino? or do they have it in english? and are we supposed to bring like a manual car or auto? cause i heard they indicate on the license the only kind of car you can drive depending on the test or something… and one more thing, is the test easy?

  42. the tests are also in english. it’s good if you’ll bring the actual car that you plan to drive. the test is easy. they have reviewers with answers. multiple choice items.

  43. Zackie says:

    Ei tnx for sharing this, buti nabasa ko agad. Dun kasi sa driving school na papasukan ko, sinisingil ako ng 500 para sa student permit, tapos 2,700 para sa non-pro licence.

  44. Aira Ang says:

    hello i need some help asap.
    i’ve lost my students permit . I dont know how to get a new one
    please reply to me cause i really need someone’s help right now

  45. ryan says:

    im from makati,, i got my new student permit 6/7/2011 LTO makati

    after one month ba can i get my non-pro license??

    ang restriction na nilagay ko dun sa application is 1 and 2.

    ang problema sasakyan di pa ko marunong, panu pagnagexam pede ka ba yun patanggal???

    at pede na ba magdrive ng solo ang non-pro license thanks…

    please let me know.

  46. jeff says:

    ask ko lang po pwde po ba sa mandaluyong ako kumuha ng student permit at sa cebu ako kuha ng non pro license .. saka ask ko lang din po pwde po ba kahit matagal ka kumuha ng non pro license kasi dahil nawala nang ilang months yung student license mo .. thanks

  47. jensen says:

    i got my student drivers’ license in less than an hour from lto makati..not bad at all! 🙂 it only costs 317.63php, they release the permit on the same day..:)

  48. henry repuyan says:

    hello kiki, pede ba patulong don sa gumawa ng license mo, kontakin ko pag dating ko galing dito sa iraq, i need a driver’s license asap, thanks in advance..

  49. Paula says:

    Here’s my experience when I applied for my non pro license in LTO San Juan!

  50. melua melencio says:

    Tlga?! Wel para sakn wlng pgbbgo ang LTO IMUS at kht kelan bulok tlga pamamalakad nla dun. Tama ung isang nagcomment dito SOBRA CORRUPT ang LTO IMUS. Pti security guard nla fixer dn wud u believe!? Kya nvr nko bblik jan sa LTO IMUS. Pumupunta nlng ako ng kawit o.r d best LTO branch n alam ko ay sa ATC, swift, hnest mga empleado at very cnvenient kc aircn ofc nla.

  51. john says:

    pede ba mag non pro w/o s.license?

  52. Gerard Gebaña says:

    Sir, I’m 16 years old. Pag kumuha ba ako ng students permit tapos naging one month old sa pag aral ng driving pwede na ba ako makakuha ng non-pro license na hindi pa 17 years old?

  53. sir pwde o bang mag tanong sir kag punta ako ng lto kukuha ako ng non pro na hinde po ako kumha ng student licence mag kanu po ba marikina o ako plsss help me kung sino po fixir po ninyu

  54. richard says:

    thanks for the tip dude

  55. mike says:

    salamat sa info 🙂

  56. Anna Manalastas says:

    Thanks for the info. very helpful. 🙂

  57. Jon says:

    Is this procedure the same for non-phillipine nationals? i.e. foreigners? what type of visa is required, if any?

  58. malcolm says:

    Hi, i failed the written exam . and what do i need for the retaking the exam? do i need to go thru medical again?

  59. micah brown says:

    sir pwede po ba sa practical exam ang automatic transmission.??

  60. Calvin says:

    i have a question..?can i get a non-professional license even im only 17 years old?..pero may 1 month na akong student license please pki sagot po ASAP ^^!!this nov, 14 na po ako kukuha eh hirap kc pumasok ng skul pag walang sasakyan

  61. Calvin says:


  62. jake says:

    nay contact number of fixer in East ave LTO?

  63. chaeminn says:

    Yes , pwede na. basta 1 month old na yung student permit. ^^

  64. Rald says:

    Same question-^

    Reason for fixer is 1month pa ang kailangan for Student Permit, at yung 1 month na yun ay December 25th. I am wishing magka-non pro na before 2012.

  65. gustosa says:

    ilang years ang validity from the first issue ng non-pro?

  66. tess says:

    hi ask ko po if magkano po talaga magagastos sa pag kuha ng non-pro…pls anyone answer my querry…kc balita ko mga 1,300 totoo po ba 2…for processing. pls san po ba maka kuha ng non pro 1 month na student ko..wala daw kc sa dasma lto…

  67. tess says:

    tnx 4 info..its helping..

  68. del says:

    Salamat ng marami! 😀

  69. knottyboy says:

    thanks daina 🙂 for providing total cost. although the article was very helpful, the author missed to point out on such an important detail.

  70. your entry is very helpful i got some ideals on how to get a license on my own…thnks anyway for posted it!

  71. gam says:

    so im going to get my license soon, i was wondering can if i can apply for restriction 1 and 2 at the same time. Then if so, do i need to take 2 different written exams (one for car and one for motorcycle)? Second do i need to take 2 practicals in that case(drive and car and ride a motorcycle)? any help would be appreciated salamat!

  72. allansky says:

    Share ko lang po experience ko sa pagkuha ng license .. read it if you want…

    For those of you na gustong kumuha ng professional drivers license.. Before ever thinking na magpa drug test or medical test sa mga private hospitals or drug testing center. Be sure na nasa lists ito at accredited ng LTO. It happens to me nagpamedical ako and drug test sa isang malaking hospital. I’ve ask them (hospital information) if accredited sila ng LTO para magpamedical and Drug Test and they said YES.

    So i’ve been though lots of tests, blood, physical examination, urinalysis, pati dumi tinest na din, x ray and Drug Test. The fact na licensed doctor, nurses and laboratory technicians ang nag conduct ng mga tests.

    Then it goes.. a few days later nagpunta ako sa LTO somewhere in Laguna. Maaga ako dun di pa bukas ang LTO andun na ako at nakapila so happy at pang number 5 ako. Then when it comes na chineck na yung mga requirements ko na disappoint ako kasi daw yung hospital na nagconduct ng tests sakin eh di raw license or wala sa listahan nila. Ano ba yan! malaking hospital yun at di lang basta hospital kasi kilala yun sa Batangas.

    So walang magagawa di inaccept yung medical ko, it costs me around 500 din for that medical. Luckily tinanggap yung Drug Test( strange diba di pwede ang medical pero pwede ang result ng drug test, hay). Then they told me na “di pwede tong medical certificate mo, magpamedical ka ulit jan sa may labas mura lang 100 lang accredited sila samin”.

    Sa labas ng LTO meron nga mga drug and medical centers. At first parang sari sari store lang or maliit na carinderia. Nag pa medical nga ako mura lang 100 pesos. Sa loob may nag assist sakin di naman yata nurse walang ID naka pantalon at T shirt lang. Kinuhanan lang ako ng BP, Timbang, height tas tinanong kung malinaw ang mata ko. Di man lang pinabasa sakin yung chart. Tas may kunwari chinekan sa form tas pinapirmahan sa kasama nya sa loob ng kwarto tas yun na instant 100 Pesos na.

    Yun ba ang medical na tinatawag, samantalang sa ospital kumpleto pati nga b***s mo titimbangin kung pantay pag nagpamedical ka, tas ganon ka simple tanggap ng LTO…

    Nakapasa naman ako sa exam nila and i’ve got my professional license na. Kaya lang talaga nakakadis appoint and sistema nila. Sana magkameron ng pagbabago sa ganong gawain..

    Madaming road accidents nangyayari sa atin.. Bakit kaya…?

    And nga pala dun sa mga kukuha ng license para sa motor be sure na naka sapatos kayo or you might ending na magrerent ng sapatos for 20 pesos totoo yun nagpapa arkila sila basta kikita hehehe. Pati sa mga 4 wheels may bayad din ang sasakyan so kung meron ka dalhin nyo na lang at least gamay o kabisado nyo pa ang sasakyan diba. Isang ikot kasi ng sasakyan worth 200 pesos yata sayang din pang gas diba.

    Just sharing lang po… peace…

  73. jedguecob says:

    Kailangan pa po bang mag re apply for student permit kapag na expire na to or pwedeng mag non preo na?

  74. nancy says:

    hi..can i ask help, need fixer too..please

  75. sa haba ng mga binasa ko, iisa lng tanong ko na wla png sagot..
    please help naman..

    kelangan b tlga ng police clearance o NBI clearance sa pagkuha ng NON-PRO driver’s license? un lng po..kasi sobrang nightmare na po tlga ang kumuha ng NBI..gusto ko lng makasiguro pra di naman masayang pera at pagod..

  76. allansky says:

    kung below 18 ka pa lang pwede ka na kumuha ng non pro license. if 18 above ka na ituloy mo na sa professional if expired na student permit mo.

  77. allansky says:

    if may student license ka na… di mo na kailangan ng nbi or police clearance…
    Kailangan mo lang ay (Original at xerox copy)

    1. student license mo
    2.drug test and medical (dapat accredited ng LTO)
    3. Tax Identification Number
    4. ipasa mo ang written at actual examination.

    If marunong ka na talaga mag drive at malakas loob mo plus over 18 ka na try to get professional license na agad ganon din naman processes na dadaanan mo and madali lang naman ang exam.

  78. boo.08 says:

    based on my exp pina RENEW ko yung student permit ko. then after a month you can apply for your non-pro/pro na.

  79. thea says:

    i went home last year around july and got my student permit i done 6 lessons with a1 for a month. and next month im going home again hopefully to get my non pro license but the thing is i lost my student permit i got told i can get a copy any time however this time i will be staying in bacolod i got my student permit in LTO las pinas. would i be able to get a dupicate of my stident permit from july last year in bacolod or do i have to go back to wer i first got it. also im thinking of taking the written and pratical exam and get the license all in the same day is this possible?if yes would i get my license card the same day or do i have to wait. i will only be in philippines for 10 days will i be able to acheive all these in this amount of time?thanks in advance

  80. Kyle says:

    gusto q nang kumuha ng students permit for this summer. but the thing is 15 pa nga lang ako. pumunta ako sa LTO Cebu at tiningnan ko yung req. 16 nga raw. hindi ho ba talaga pwede?pls rep asap po. thankyou.

  81. norris says:

    Sir, I’m 16 years old. Pag kumuha ba ako ng students permit tapos naging one month old sa pag aral ng driving pwede na ba ako makakuha ng non-pro license na hindi pa 17 years old?

  82. norris says:

    dapat 16 talaga.

  83. liza says:

    Thanks! this really helped a lot!:)

  84. domanokz says:

    Nice post! Very helpful.

  85. First time ko ding mag-renew ng rehistro ng kotse sa probinsya, in my case sa LTO Imus. Malala ang proseso sa Maynila (like Las Pinas, Muntinlupa, at Pasay. Pero ginulat ako ng LTO Imus. Halos walang fixer and in less than an hour, natapos ko yung renewal ko.

  86. Cecille25 says:

    i badly need a fixer. i work kc frm mon-fri,no time 4 me to go to LTO to spend whole day there,not even half. please please can anybody help.

  87. Renan says:

    pwede ba mag-apply ng driving license on-line

  88. eh panu ung student permit ko… 1 yr & 1 month na un… pwede na bang ideretso ko ng professional license ung skin?? tsaka magkano naman ung bayad…?? tnx… ^_^

  89. Thanks for this, it’s very helpful! I’m looking to start learning to drive this year.

  90. larakristel21 says:

    i can’t wait to apply for my non-pro license this june!! at some point, i feel so nervous when the written exam becomes the topic. pero very hopeful ako that i’ll pass that and i know a1 will help me with that. what you shared to us was very helpful :))) thanks!!

  91. Gemma says:

    hi, really helpful blog, i skim read all the comments and i just want to ask, for the actual driving do they ask us to park and stuff? or just drive lng? thanks!

  92. just driving around a track

  93. Gemma says:

    Thanks so much! I went to the LTO yesterday and I passed! Got my license now. Thanks for the informative blog. Keep it up! :))

  94. andrew says:

    i need fixer number please email me i needed it badly

  95. andrew says:

    please help me i need a non pro license asap willing to pay please help me

  96. lynarr27 says:

    hello .. kuha po sana ako ng non prof license .. akla ko written exam lng may actual/practical exam p pla .. panu po yan di ako marunong mgdrive ng 4wheeled vehicle motor lng po gmit ko ee .. tulong nmn po .. thanks!

  97. Dom says:


    I need a fixer din. Nagkamali kasi ako. Last Friday I applied for a student permit eh marunong naman na ako mag drive. I realized, I should have applied for a non-pro na agad. Email naman ng number nya. please..

  98. Dom says:

    Ako din. 😦

  99. dony says:

    sir need help… ask ko lang po kung pwede ba akong kumuha ng non-pro license kahit 1year and 3 months na student permit ko.di ko na po ba kelangang kumuha ulit ng student permit.pls help

  100. Valerie says:

    nd na pwede pag lumampas ng 1 year expired na u need to get another student license.

  101. Valerie says:

    Nasa restriction code naman yan ehh .. may motor may private .. iba ibang code naman yan..

  102. Valerie says:

    mag student ka muna..
    after 1 month pwede ka ng mag Non pro..

  103. Valerie says:

    after 1 month pede ka ng mag non pro..

  104. Valerie says:

    e-mail me.. may kakilala ako..

  105. steffi says:

    sir, what if naLOST ko po ung student’s permit ko pro recently ko lang din nakuha at 2013 pa magexpire. nid ko po ba magpagawa ulit and pay 316 or pde sknila magreprint? thank u.

  106. Diane says:

    What if I’ve lost my student’s license. Don’t they have another copy? 😐 How much does it cost to get a license? How much is the all in all expense?

  107. antonio mercurio says:

    Ask ko lang po, anu po pwede gwin pag yung non-pro ay di narenew? Halimbawa yung non-pro ko ay di ko na ni-renew kc kala ko di ko na kelangan since wala na akong motor. Tpus after 4years im planning to get a new bike. Kelangan bang apply ulit ng student permit or pwedeng ipresent na lang ung old non-pro together with the O.R to get a new one? Please help. Thanks in advance.

  108. aries says:

    gud day,nahuli po me enfocer and he charge to me,dis-obidience of traffic sigal.tutubusin q po yun sa mandaluyong city goverment.ang tanung q po,almost 4 to 5months qna po dpa natutubos license q dn.magkanu po ba matutubos yn kng sakali 5months dpa natutubos license.ganun pa dn po b ang babayaran na violation fee na 300 or 500 po qng tutubusin o tumutubo po b yn every month

  109. Merci M. says:

    Hey, i’m curious about the non-pro and pro….why do we have these? How do these license apply to any individual? I’m a woman, do u think i can get a pro-license?

  110. Merci M. says:

    can i apply for a driver’s license online? is there anything like that?

  111. Merci M. says:

    what’s the difference of a non-pro and a pro….i’m a woman, can i get a professional driver’s license?

  112. RT says:

    di po yata gumagana ang email add na binigay nyo.may iba kayong email add?papost pls.thanks

  113. thatgiguy says:

    @Merci M.

    You can get Professional Driver’s License if you drive for your living. If you have your own private vehicle, Non-Prof will suffice.

  114. mary santiago says:

    pwede bang gamitin ang lisensya ng us sa pinas?

  115. Neal says:

    Papipiliin ka po ba kung Automatic or Manual ididrive mo? 🙂

  116. Sam says:

    i need fixer number please email me i needed it badly.

  117. Sam says:

    i need fixer number please email me


  118. isabeljic says:

    Hi! Nag re-release padin po ba sila ng Driver’s License kahit Holiday? 🙂

  119. Ruru says:

    Hi, can i request for a copy of my student permit online? O request for replacement?

  120. lhyn says:

    paano po magiging restrictions 1 and 2 ung license ko kasi restriction 2 lang gusto ko sana magdrive ng motor,. mag uumpisa ulit ba ako sa una? mag exam ba ulit at practical exam?

  121. m says:

    hindi pwede yun.. nid talaga stdnt license

  122. Pwd po b kumuha ng non prof n wlang drive test gagamtn qlang po sna s pgkuha ng pas4rt q tnx po.

  123. hindi eh. kung dadaan ka sa tamang proseso… you will take the exam and the practical. if you need an ID for a passport, ibang ID na lang gamitin mo like voter’s ID, SSS or GSIS.

  124. Eunice says:

    Hi I also need fixer number. please send me via email

  125. Dert Ednave says:

    ‘talagang may drive test pa? astig ah.

  126. pakyu kau says:

    mga ulol ba kau????

  127. pakyu kau says:

    i love you!!!

  128. abby says:

    Pwede bang sa satellite branches kumuha ng non-pro license? Or kailangan sa main branch mismo?

  129. says:

    Good evening po. Ask ko lang po kung paano magchange ng license from restriction 1 (motorcycle) to resctriction 2-3( pang 4 wheels)? thanks po

  130. willy says:

    No-pro is for private vehicle use or not commercial vehicle. Pro is for public use like passenger bus, jeep, and other commercial vehicles. In short, it is used, to earn for a living by other drivers. Otherwise, it is also possible to use it in a private vehicle.will

  131. Non-Pro is used only, in a private vehicle or not in a commercial vehicles. While, Pro is used in a commercial vehicles like passenger bus, jeep, taxi, and other commercial vehicles, In other words, Pro is used by other drivers to earn for a living. Otherwise, Pro can also be used in a private vehicle.

  132. mrsboeck says:

    magkano po ung fixer? pa email naman po

  133. trebx says:

    i need fixer text me 09085506213 cavite

  134. Kaye says:

    10 days old plng student driver’s license nmin ng partner ko but we know how to drive nmn n tlga, pwede n ba kming kumuha ng non-pro license??

  135. pogs says:

    i need fixer for driver’s license pls text me 09086756166

  136. ivan says:

    Ask ko mga boss, pag kukuha po ba ng student driver’s license may drive test pa? or kapag nag non-pro lang saka may drive test? thanks

  137. miguelboom says:

    For a Non-Prof you only need a 1 month old SP and you’ll be able to drive only private vehicles. With a Prof license, you can drive both Private or for hire vehicles (taxi, jeep, etc.). Also, for vehicle restriction you need to pay for a specific amount to add restriction.

  138. haihai says:

    hello ^^ im only 17 years old mag 18 ako next january pa may SP na po ako mag 2months na po ung SP ko pwd naba akong kumuha ng non-pro i want it so badly can i?

  139. Diane says:

    Hi. I’m zero knowledge about driving. As in wala talaga ako alam. So i tried to browse some driving lessons at I’m just confused about their offers. Is it necessary to take a long course (15days) for a zero knowledge like me? The longer day, the more it cost. And since actual driving fee is not yet included (i think). I saw the list, fee is separated. Thanks. This entry is very informative anyway.

  140. Formal driving school not a requirement. Get a friend to teach you. I had zero knowledge too before

  141. Kringle says:

    Thanks very helpful

  142. Andrew says:

    i need fixer plz i need driverse license txt me 09267618952 or email me

  143. emil says:

    Guys, anybody knows a fixer in Rizal area? Please email me at (0929-111-5169). I’m going to get a non-pro lang this week.

  144. jep says:

    elow!!po mgkano po ba wrten exam tes??pwpo kya ang outomatic sa driving tes???bka my ide po kyo??!!

  145. nathaneil suarez says:

    I took my professional driver licensed 2001 since then hindi ko ito na e-renew mula nang mag ofw ako..ngayong nag exit na ako i plan to renew it….ask ko lang po kung ma e-renew license ko…?

  146. […] If you guys are wondering to apply for a driver’s license allow me to refer you to this site:  […]

  147. john says:

    bakit po ganun? kala ko kasi p317.63 lang ang babayaran kapag kukuha ng student permit, bakit ang singil sa akin ay p420.00? bakit ganun po, hindi ko na po kasi tinanong yung cashier eh. please help.

  148. geri says:

    Worth reading. It was helpful. Thanks! 🙂

  149. gatsby says:

    professional licence holder po ako,ask ko lng po kung pwede akong makapagdrive ng automatic vehicles like car and AUV?

  150. Greetings! Nice post!

    Question…As an American, with a new six (6) month extended Visa and current USA drivers license, with no moving violations on record, is the process basically the same OR is there a different process to follow?

    Being that I am an experienced driver, no violations and am currently licensed, although under a different jurisdiction, must I apply as a student driver under that process or can it be waived and just take the health/drug test and perform the written and physical driving course test?

    Thanks Always…Michael

  151. Jonas says:

    Kapag student licence po ba un meron k at gsto m n sya ipalipat s pro gnu ktgl k dpt mganty?

  152. josh says:

    Pag kumuha ba ng non-prof automatic ng may restriction sa motor? Magkasabay ba yun sa restriction 1 at 2 sa same day ng pagkuha? May driving test din ba ung sa restriction 1 sa motor?

  153. Tintin says:

    Gusto ko po sana din mag drive. Gusto kong kumuha ng licens pero medyo malabo na ung mata ko. Pwede b ung makakuha ko kahit medyo malabo na mata ko?

  154. cnsc says:

    i need fixer number.. can anyone text me here thanks a lot 09428027998

  155. boss tanung lang 15 pa lang kasi ako eh april 26 pa ako magiging 16 pd na ba ako kumuha ng student?

  156. @John, at least 16 ang unang requirement. I’m afraid you need to wait.

  157. anne says:

    hi were you able to get license for motorcycle driving only?

  158. brent says:

    09255062192 do you still know the fixer can you please text me the number i really need a license asap 🙂 thanks

  159. Jack says:

    how was the driving practical test? matagal ba? what did they ask you to do? what will happen if you fail the practical test?

  160. Tintin says:

    Kukuha po ako ng exam para magka license ako..Sabi nung iba pag sa practical exam or sa actual exam pag magda drive ng una ay car or jeep tapos pag dw pabalik naman ay motor naman ang ipada drive? ganun ba talaga?

  161. ckcab says:

    need ko dn ng fixer sa pasig,qc or mandaluyong area pra makakuha ng non pro. wla po kc aq tlgang time hectic ang work sched q.. txt nyo po ko sa number q. 09486842746

  162. Jorz says:

    nice one sir.. i got my student permit earlier.. ask ko lang after a month pwede na ako mag non-pro? kaso motorcycle ako, any ideas about practical tests ng motor? thanks!

  163. Jazzy says:

    bawl pa po ba tlga mkakuha ng student or non-prof license pag 14 plang? Kahit mrong consent fom from parents?

  164. jala says:

    i need fixer #.pls urgent email

  165. jala says:

    pls email me i need fixer # for driver license urgent

  166. aiosh says:

    email me urgent pls..thnk

  167. Allysa Azarcobn says:

    No need for NBI my friend.

  168. Allysa Azarcobn says:

    At LTO Bulacan they just asked you to go inside the test vehicle with the examiner then put your seatbelt and it’s done. LOL

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