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Posted: June 11, 2008 in Not-so-serious
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I have been keeping track of the fanta-serye “Lobo” ever since my wife and mom got hooked on it. I have no choice but to watch it with them in the living room. As time passed, I found the storyline quite intriguing. Then things became interesting. I looked beyond the “drama” of the lovers Lyka and Noah who always end up crying at some point in the episodes. I looked beyond the not-so-polished special effects since this was a series and not a Dreamworks epic. I even looked beyond how lame they showed the were-wolves biting the necks of the humans, with the use of puppets.

For me, it was the story that mattered. The human and meta-human struggles with life, emotions and social contradictions made the series interesting to watch. Of course there have been comparisons to the Underworld mythos, X-men, and other Western pics. But on the whole, the series seemed interesting.

And so it was with great disappointment that I watched last night’s episode features such ridiculous sequences that really proved to be distracting for viewers.

1. The final confrontation between the Luna and the united front of humans, Waya’s and black wolves was a big disappointment in terms of conceptualization and progression. The clash was supposed to be the high point, but the way it unfolded was really… well, lame.

2. The alliance of humans and wolves planned an assault on Silva and his Luna protectors. The assaulting force surprisingly had very few weapons. The heroes were so poorly armed that the fight sequences looked silly (handguns vs assault rifles). Noah was firing his 9mm at fully-armed soldiers while spinning like Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

3. As if the poorly planned assault was not enough, we are later brought to a scene where the assaulting force ends up engaging the heavily armed Luna forces in hand-to-hand combat. They were fighting mano a mano. What happened to all the weapons?! Why are they hitting each other like some 70’s action flick, like some bar room brawl? Did they do this just so we could see the combat prowess of aging Lobo matriarchs like Pilar Pilapil, Timmy Cruz and their human ally Robert Arevalo? Hand to hand combat isn’t exactly something these actors are known for, and I really wonder why the writers had to put them through such a dumb action sequence.

4. I really don’t get the whole Lyka vs Silva fight sequence. The scene when she talked tough looked weak because she had a hard time going down the slopes. It took an awful long time for Silva to choke Lyka. When Lyka actually got the Remus stone, it took her an extended period of time to fight the red moon’s effects. Not even the visual effects made this part any bearable. In fact, Lyka took so long that Silva was able to get up and stab her several times in the back. Of course Lyka, like Wolverine, has an accelerated healing factor so she could withstand the stabbing. But that only made her stand there much longer, fighting the red moon, in a very dragging sequence.

5. How come Silva was so easily shot down by Noah? Was he using special bullets? Or were those like the regular bullets he used against Silva’s henchmen?

6. My wife asked why the Waya’s did not transform into wolves considering the moon was up and that their rage should trigger the transformation. I thought it would have been a production nightmare to mount something like that, wherein wolves were attacking humans. Besides, when Lobo shoots such sequences, they use “puppets”, you can only see the head of the wolf biting on the neck of the victim. That would be too boring if you multiply the same sequence by 10. So maybe it was better they didn’t transform at all. Plus we get to see the ridiculously thought out hand-to-hand combat sequence.

7. And then the cheesy dialogue before the assault. Characters faced their fears and were willing to sacrifice their lives for the mission. Parang Lord of the Rings final battle. “Para sa mga kasama natin… para sa lahat ng mga lobo…” etc. Then one guy says “para sa rock n’roll…” sabay kasa ng kanyang baril. Duh?

I’m hoping tonight’s episode and the remaining four weeks would be better than this. I do understand the pressures the writers and producers have to go through to come up with an interesting story progression and to keep the audiences hooked. Hopefully they don’t disappoint.

  1. cafemelrose says:


    Oh, how I agree with you.

    I’m just disappointed I wasn’t able to read this post because I moved to another blog provider.

    I wrote a post on this episode as well, with similar questions and criticisms. It’s good to know that there were others that thought that this episode was very un-Lobo like too.

    My post: http://cafemelrose.blogspot.com/2008/06/lobo-tuesday-if-you-have-it-then-use-it.html