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I have known Jimmy Encarnacion from about seven years, when I was just new to Bayan. He was then cameraman for Doris Bigornia then (before becoming a cameraman for Ina Reformina then Ces Drilon). We would often see each other at rallies, exchange jokes and make fun of people. We liked having him around rally coverages because he did not think twice of the risks involved during protests, especially during violent disperals and arrests. He would march with us, walking with this heavy camera. He would climb atop vehicles and stuctures to get good shots of the protests. He would always be in the thick of the action, sometimes right between the clashing protesters and police. He was there to cover the news as it happened, despite the risks.

It’s certainly no surprise he’d go out on coverage in areas like Mindanao, in war-torn Sulu.

Our prayers go out to Jimmy and the others being detained in Sulu, Ces Drilon and Prof. Octavio. We hope for their safe and immediate release following the release of Angelo Valderama.

I do hope to see Jimmy if ever he gets assigned to the next SONA rally in July.

  1. arahoj yoj says:

    i salute jimmy encarnacion f0r being so brave en0ugh to take s0me f0otages inspite of bein abducted that tym.. stiLL he d0es watever his w0rk is!