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Posted: June 13, 2008 in Music
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The first time I listened to RJ’s Underground Radio (UR) 105.9, they were playing 80’s punk legend Urban Bandit’s Do You Rebel, Rebel.

The radio station will be almost one year now (July 2008). It does provide a wonderful line up of music that we never get to hear on radio. The other day I was driving while listening to The WUDS. One time they featured the album 10 of Another Kind, which is a compilation album featuring groups such as Binky Lampano’s Deans Decemeber. Still one time they featured the Rapu-Rapu atbp, Taghoy ng Kalikasan album produced by environmental group CEC.

Yesterday was Independence Day so they only aired music by Pinoy artists from several decades!

No other radio station in the country would play 80’s punk from the Twisted Red Cross era. No other radio station would play classic Pinoy rock consistently from Juan dela Cruz to Chikoy Pura and The Jerks. No other radio station would play Lolita Carbon’s stirring and exceptional rendition of the protest hymn Bayan Ko. UR 105.9 provides us a glimpse into the rich history of Pinoy music, something the new generation of musicians and bands should at least get acquainted with. Get to know the first bands, the early groups that paved the way for the rockers of the current generation. This is one sound trip that would take you through decades of evolving Pinoy sound.

If only they got a better or stronger signal.

Oh, they also play demos from upcoming bands. Great way to encourage kids to write their own stuff and keep on playing.

I do enjoy the fact that unlike its predecessor in LA 105.9, UR doesn’t go out of its way to bash other music genres. I didn’t really quite get the point of the whole hip-hop bashing that happened during the 90’s.

What about that other exponent of “Nu Music”? Hmm. I’m having mixed feelings about that. I was a loyal listener ever since they did their test broadcast in 1987. I just graduated from elementary school then and was so overwhelmed with NU 107’s playlist, from classic rock, punk, metal, new wave. But right now, I think I’m gonna sit back and enjoy listening to the music that I enjoyed listening to 20 years ago as a kid. I’ll be glued to UR for now, despite their corny plugs…hehe.


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