AFP against the ICC

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Political killings Philippines, Socio-Political
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The AFP thinks the International Criminal Court can be used by “enemies of the state” to discredit the military. Check out this story on

here’s news for the AFP. They don’t need the ICC to be discredited as an institution. They’re doing a swell job already on their own.

the paper by the AFP, as articulated by its inspector general, shows an utter lack of remorse, nay acknowledgment, of the involvement of the AFP in the cases of extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances. it is clear that the AFP is still in a state of denial. it still believes in the totally discredited theory of communist purges as the reasons for extrajudicial killings.

The Melo Commission, Special Rapporteur Philip Alston, and many other institutions have pointed to the AFP as the culprit in these gross human rights violations. The fact that the AFP refuses to acknowledge its role explains why human rights abuses continue with impunity to this day.


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