BBC racist “comedy” sketch

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Socio-Political
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This is just plain racist crap no matter how you look at it. BBC should issue an apology and refrain from any further airings of this disgusting sketch. (The video is still available on youtube but with a warning that it may be offensive.)

To those who want to give BBC a piece of their minds, here’s the link to the BBC complaints site

Ironically, the Philippine government will play host to the Global Forum on Migration and Development. Arroyo is expected to hail the achievements of the Pinoy migrants and their contributions to the country, not withstanding the racial insults they get overseas.

The BBC incident is a sad commentary on the plight and treatment of Filipinos working overseas. They contend with racism on a daily basis, discrimination at work, sometimes even violent attacks. Others face rape and sexual harassment.

The labor-export policy of the Arroyo regime has made hundreds of thousands of Filipinos leave the country because they can’t find work here. The $13 billion OFW remittances keep the backward Philippine economy afloat by giving the country the needed foreign exchange for imports. The OFW has often been hailed as a hero.

Let’s see what the government does to protest this racist sketch posing as a comedy.

Government inaction, and SILENCE, will show the utter hypocrisy of the GFMD-hosting.

Meanwhile, we have all the reason to protest the upcoming GFMD.

  1. […] Renato M. Reyes Jr., spokesman of the country’s biggest umbrella of cause-oriented groups, said that The BBC sketch is a painful reminder of the real plight of Filipino migrants which is often ignored by the Philippine government […]