Iisa pa lamang quick recap with awesome quotes

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Not-so-serious
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Ok, I’ll make this short. Tonight’s episode of IISA PA LAMANG has more to do with revelations and incidents rather than awesome dialogues between insane characters.

As I had been telling my friend Gerry this morning, Aura is going to die but she had the foresight of fixing all the papers for Katherine to be the rightful heir of half of Hacienda Amadesto. Remember Aura talked to her lawyers during last week’s episodes. And as our friend Thea is predicting, Katherine will use her inheritance so gain control of Dela Rhea Foods.

Katherine is lucky considering there are those in the Philippines who still go to court and get entangled in nasty legal battles just to claim their inheritance.

Then there’s the frame up of Estelle for the murder of Aura.

From this point on, Isadora has been responsible for the deaths of her former lover (Mang Rolando, father of Sophia) and now Aura. Isadora was also responsible for the kidnapping and illegal detention of Katherine at the beginning of the series.

With such an evil track record, we wonder how the writers are of I.P.L. will exact sweet revenge on Isadora at the end of the series. What could be a fitting end to her career as evil landlord and tormentor? How will they kill her off in the end? Any guesses?

And now , the quotes:

Isadora: Tandaan mo ako na lang ang natitira mong magulang
Sophia: Ang malas ko naman…

Scarlett notices Miguel has improved his life:

Miguel: Simula ngayon di ko na kailangan ang tulong mo. I’m a self made man.
Scarlett: Self made man? Or self destructive monster?

Nato: Not quite sure what that meant in that context…

Scarlett to Katherine: Look what the cat dragged in… Isang social-climbing, gold-digging, fortune hunter.

Scarlett to Katherine: Alam mo ang chismosa mo… you’re so cheap…

Nato: Hmm. not sure what that meant too….

Scarlett: Huwag ka nang lumuhod Katherine. Masyado nang luma yan. Kung gusto mo talagang lumuhod, sana noon mo pa ginawa yun. Kahit magpenitensya ka o magpapako sa krus, wala nang dating sa akin yun.


Isadora talking to a bloodied AND PRESUMABLY DEAD Aura who just fell from a flight of stairs from their house

Isadora: Hoy wag mo akong artehan ha. Hindi naman ganun kataas ang hagdan mo…

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  2. Karl says:

    i love it

  3. anne says:

    sana meron din yung kay scarlet na:”every enemy has its own bitch”