As Abigail Ho correctly pointed out, Scarlet has used colors to describe her arch nemesis Catherine. We have heard the “merry widow in black”, the “gold-digger in red” and the slightly weird “dirty mistress in DIRTY brown”. Scarlet’s name is itself a reference to color.

During the court hearing, the prosecutor asked Scarlet to identify the person who shot Estelle.

Scarlet (pointing to Catherine): That’s the murderess in yellow

Later that episode, there’s the obligatory conversations between Miguel and Scarlet who perpetually disagree on everything especially when it comes to Catherine.

Scarlet: She deserves to rot in jail. And the best part is, ako ang susi na kakandado sa selda nya.

Other than these two semi-interesting quotes, there were no fireworks in tonight’s episode. My head hurts from the latest developments. People keep getting shot/killed, thrown in jail, and haled to court. Now we have more and more scenes shot at the detention facility and the court room.


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