DZRJ anniversary Supersessions

Posted: October 27, 2008 in Music
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O wala na bang remedyo
ang ating mga ulo ?
o wala na bang remedyo
ang ating GOBYERNO?!

– Joey Pepe Smith singing Balong Malalim at RJ Supersessions

Taaang–ena…minsan lang mangyari ito (Supersessions)…

– Joey Pepe Smith AFTER singing Balong Malalim at RJ Supersessions

As i listen to the live feed of the RJ Supersessions marking 45 years of DZRJ, I look back at my own musical history and experience which DZRJ helped shape.

I was a big fan of both DZRJ AM and DZRJ FM. Through these stations, I got my initiation to Pinoy rock and classic rock.

Through RJ, i appreciated The Juan dela Cruz Band, Asin, Pen-Pen, Sampaguita, and the occasional Lokal Brown and the Jerks mixed in the playlist.

Through RJ, i came to know of guitar legends The Ventures and The Shadows. I would look forward to the phone-in survey “Ventures vs. Shadows” to see who would win. It was usually a close fight. I think the Ventures would go on to win most of the time.

I also looked forward to the annual Elvis vs The Beatles phone-in surveys. This one usually goes down the wire, with the Beatles narrowly beating Elvis by say 5 votes.

Through RJ, I got to know The Supremes, the incredible Sam Cooke and timeless Ray Charles. I got to listen to Buddy Holly, the Cascades, Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez.

Through RJ, i experienced Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, The Doors, The Eagles, Simon and Garfunkel, Santana and Jimi Hendrix.

Through RJ, i learned who Howlin’ Dave was.

There was a time in high school when we would play RJ’s MULI just because we liked the hook.

Currently, because of RJ, i get to hear the pioneers of Pinoy Punk in the Urban Bandits and the Wuds.

I started listening to DZRJ probaby back in 1989-90, when i felt i needed a break from the NU 107 programming (Fra Lipo Lippi overdose). I was in second year high school. Our favorite TV series at the time was ‘Nam: Tour of Duty, with the blazing intro of the Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black.

For me it’s been almost 20 years of listening to DZRJ. The Rock of Manila still stands strong, solid and unwavering. May the current generation reap the fruits of more than three decades of Pinoy and classic rock.

  1. Rocker Manila says:

    yes sir .. I agree with you. DZRJ also helped me define the music that i like specially pinoy rock and I am glad RJ UR continued playing that kind of music

  2. Rocker Manila says:

    by the way .. i heard from Billy B that all day Pinoy Rock sa UR 105.9 FM sa Nov 1…wow whole day galore of pinoy rock

  3. onat says:

    I used to remember , it was around 1978-1981 i was hooked to RJam, listening to Canned heat, KIss, the punk era, the Jam. those were the days man… then Dante David… gising na RJ na!!!