We can now safely say….the awesomeness is back!

From the moment we read Scarlet’s note to Isadora, (Manigas ka, Bitch!), we knew that the awesomeness of IISA PA LAMANG has been restored. We had to sit through two weeks of lame and boring episodes before the story picked up again.

Last Friday, there was the Isadora and Scarlet confrontation:

Scarlet: Every inmate has a bitch. Then you will be mine.

Tonight we witnessed a lot of gun-pointing and some shooting. Almost all the major characters had guns. Miguel, Isadora, Catherine, Vernon. And while there was a lot of gun-pointing, there was also a lot of talking. Makes you wonder why is it that these characters take their time explaining things at gun-point. So we come to the confrontation between Isadora, Catherine and Sophia.

Sophia: Ma, she’s my sister.
Isadora (in a mocking tone): “She’s my sister…”

Isadora confesses to all the evil things she did, the murders, frame-ups and so on. Which drives Catherine into a murderous rage. Which prompts Isadora to shoot Catherine, only to end up shooting her own daughter Sophia.

Then we see Rafael Torralba (Gabby Concepcion) arrive with his congressional posse’ who were all armed. We then wonder at the scene where Rafael single-handedly confronts an armed Vernon. Why would a congressman with a dozen bodyguards, go after the armed villain on his own. What is even more ridiculous is after Rafael subdues Vernon, he turns his back on the latter and calls on his bodyguards on his cellphone. At this point, Vernon gets up and whacks Rafael from behind. WTF??!!

But the best scene tonight? An amazing twist happened.

While being pursued by Catherine, Isadora accidentally falls into…. QUICKSAND! Holy cow, there was quicksand in Hacienda Amadesto! Kala ko sa gubat lang yun. The quicksand did what it usually does, “swallow” its victim. Catherine now has a moral dilemma, to save Isadora or just let her sink to a much-deserved horrible muddy death. Of course Catherine does the noble thing, and that is to help Isadora by extending a tree branch she can grab.

But Isadora has a practical dilemma of her own. Does she let go of the bag full of money and jewels, her loot bag and last chance at wealth, so she can grab the tree branch that could save her life. Isadora, as expected holds on to her loot. Catherine, not knowing what to do, decides to run for help and leaves Isadora. When they got back, ISADORA WAS NO LONGER THERE!?

Holy crap, Isadora’s gone!? Swallowed by the earth!

It was Sophia who pointed out the irony of it all. That Isadora would meet her end at the hacienda which was the focal point of the conflicts between the characters. The hacienda she sought to control would be the hacienda that would be the end of her.

So to our avid viewers, the question on all our minds is, IS ISADORA REALLY GONE?

  1. AMFDB says:

    I knew the bag of jewels and money would play a significant role!!!

  2. mel zie says:

    isadora is a bitch,she’s crazy

  3. Mariama Jalloh says:

    I like Migeul and i hate how the director direct the film by living migeul out and Rapfeal having all the advantage over Catherine.to sum it all up i dont like this series and i wont watch it twice.