Posted: November 4, 2008 in Not-so-serious
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IISA PA LAMANG characters have a way of making light what should be an otherwise dramatic and emotional situation.

Take for example the conversation between the “back from the dead” Isadora and her daughter Sophia who just recently discovered her mom was alive.

Sophia: I’m glad you’re ok.
Isadora: Di ako naniniwala sa iyo. Pina-plastic mo lang ako…
Sophia: Ma, na-depress ako nung nawala ka.
Isadora: Totoo ba yan? Umiyak ka ba talaga nung nalunod ako sa kumunoy?

Ayos di ba?

Excited na talaga ako sa ending nito. Ito ang second highly anticipated event ko for the week, next only to the US presidential elections. hehe. At least sa US elections, may idea na tayo kung paano ang ending. Sa IPL, no idea pa rin kung paano matetepok si Isadora.

  1. iisa pa lamang.. only i can this is the teleserye ive seen,can make me mark on my mind. its so wonderful drama. all cast has big star… gma my panlaban k b???????????

  2. Jon Nacanoria says:

    This is such a stupid soap opera. It is a roller coaster ride with a climax every now and then. The story seems to start over and over and over and over again. People who hate each other have an uncanny ability to always meet whenever and wherever. One character would just stand and listen for a long 5 minutes or so while the other berrates her. Really stupid and filled with flashbacks just to stretch this drama. This will really make your life dramatic if you watch it. Really bad. People are always crying and in a dramatic mood.