After the polls, mass movement needed more than ever

Posted: November 5, 2008 in Socio-Political
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well that sure was an awesome smackdown of the republican party, george bush and john mccain.

i understand fully why people cried when obama was declared winner.

for the african americans and other people of color, the symbolism of the obama win dates back to the struggle against slavery up to the civil rights movement.

for most people, the victory signals the end of the bush regime. an end to eight years marked by two wars….economic mismanagement…abuse of power. people are grateful that one of the worst regimes in US history is now coming to an end. (i remember how people cried as well when george bush got a first then second term, those were tears of despair.with obama, those were genuine tears of jubilation).

the end of the bush regime signals a possibility for a new beginning, a break with military unilateralism, a departure from the tax breaks for the wealthy, a departure from the arrogance of power, gunboat diplomacy, and all around bullying. there are possibilities.

with his election, the expectations on obama are now greater than ever. people expect him to fulfill his promise to end the war in iraq in 16 months. people expect him to deliver on his pledge to give tax breaks to the american middle class. the high hopes and expectations are shared by the rest of the globe, people who are affected by US foreign and economic policies.

malacanang hopes it will be business as usual in washington. maybe. but you can’t help us think and expect that there should be some changes in the ways the US deals with the Philippines. if the US pulls out troops in Iraq, in the same spirit, it should pull out troops in mindanao.

yes, there should be no illusions as there will be stumbling blocks and failed expectations. the people’s vigilance is important. the mass movement is still the key. it’s the mass movement that can make leaders accountable. as the great punk rocker patty smith once cried, “the people have the power….to redeem the work of fools…the power to dream, to rule, to wrestle the world from fools”.

in the philippines, where the sitting president is as despised by the population as bush is in the US, we wonder if a GMA endorsement would have a bush-mccain effect too. will an arroyo endorsement of a candidate be viewed as six more years of GMA?

by 2010, arroyo would have been in office longer than the two terms of george bush. that’s an awfully loooong time.

we surely could use some CHANGE that we all can believe in, and fight for.


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