The Kebab Quest

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Since the holiday break, I have had an unusual craving for kebab and other Mid-East food. I really don’t know why, but I had this weird urge to eat at the different kebab restos in Quezon City.

So here’s my humble evaluation of the places i visited in a span of two months.

1. Mister Kebab, West Avenue. – This place has evolved significantly since the time it was known as Persia House during the 90’s. From a small resto along Quezon Avenue, it has become a mega dining place in its new location in West Avenue. Kung dati, tila mga taga UP at Ateneo ang pumupunta, ngayon ito ay dinadayo na mula sa kung saan saang lugar. No one can argue with the quality of their kebab, though prices have noticeably gone up over the years. If you’re looking for a great kebab experience, Mister Kebab is always the first choice.

2. Word Class Persian Kebab – Yup, that’s really the name of the place. It’s on the corner of Tomas Morato and E. Rodriguez Ave. What makes this kebab place interesting is that they have bigger kebabs for the same price as that of Mister Kebab. Quite honestly, theirs tastes great, is bigger, and reasonably priced. Medyo bitin lang sa kanin. Their fruit shakes seem to cost the same as Mister Kebab’s. If you don’t want to wait in line, and just want to fill your belly, this is a good place to hang out. Also, they have these pipes or hookah which you can use to smoke. I saw two customers trying one out while seated among pillows.

3. Kebab Grill – This one is along Timog, near the old Zirkoh bar. Food here is a bit expensive, and some folks might not think they’re getting their money’s worth. The kebab here is a bit salty, reminiscent of Behrouz (which isn’t far by). The place is clean, like really clean. Biggest draw back is the price.

4. Kebab Korner – Along Matalino Street in Teachers Village, this new resto still appears to be reasonably priced though a bit expensive for some items (how about P15.00 for one grilled tomato?). As for their kebab, one thing i noticed is that the flavors are not full. Even the garlic sauce and hot sauce are weak. Unlike Kebab Grill or Behrouz, this place seems to have run out of salt and spices. The korma is ok, but the curry has a different texture compared if your used to eating at Mister Kebab. Kebab Korner explains that they have a more defined genre of Persian cuisine compared to other restaurants that employ a mix of Mid-east and Mediterranean.

5. Behrouz Timog along Scout Tobias – There something about the service in this place that really ticks me off. One time the entire kitchen staff was having a shouting match with the waiters. They argued in front of the customers. There was no manager at the time and it was chaos. This place emerged roughly during the same time as Persia House and has also expanded. The kebab here is ok, though a bit more expensive than the others. I don’t really like the set up too.

6. Prince Kebab, Timog – In front of Laffline. The food is ho-hum forgettable. And the price appears expensive for something that’s not really spectacular. There can be improvements. And the place is strategically located in Timog, quite accessible.

So there are six kebab resto’s not that far from each other in the Quezon City-Timog-Morato-East Ave area. Not bad, no? There’s another one too in Maginahawa Street but the name escapes me at the moment. That makes it seven.

  1. Dun ako sa #2. Kasi mas masarap garlic sauce at mas mura for the servings.

    at walking distance mula sa bahay ko. hahahahahaha.

  2. Behrouz’s service has deteriorated and seems like management has no plans of fixing it. I wrote a full post about their recent service in their Timog branch.


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