The Watchmen

Posted: March 10, 2009 in Movies

This is my third attempt to write a review on the Watchmen. The first two ended up being accidentally deleted by me pressing something on the keyboard. Damn Facebook.

I am no longer inclined to write a decent review now, and will instead just list down probably meaningless rants about the movie.

1. What happened to the fake alien with a deadly psychic blast that killed millions in the graphic novel? Did Zack Snyder think that an exploding super weapon had better cinematic effect? And that a ginormous crater would look better on film compared to, say a hideous but dead fake alien monster slumped over Wall Street?

2. The fights scenes were reminiscent of 300, though more violent and with close ups to boot. The Snyder Slow-Mo was cool during the first time it was used. But seeing the same style over and over, it kinda gets stale. The close ups were great though. Imagine if FPJ had this kind of technology while shooting Ang Panday and slaying all those followers of Lizardo, that would have been awesome.

3. Stupid double standards. The usually conservative MTRCB did not edit Dr. Manhattan’s Dirk Dillinger “stimulus package” throughout the film. (Because it was blue?) Yet the MTRCB edited the scenes between Nite Owl and Silk Spectre.

4. The sound track was great. The writers tried to give the whole backstory to the Watchmen through the full length of Dylan’s Times They are A-changing. Nice effort. I sure as hell don’t understand why Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah was the music for the love scene. And the love scene, it looked too much like 300. Everything was in the Snyder Slow Mo. Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of All Along the Watchtower, as our heroes traversed Antarctica, saved the day.

5. There was no emotional build up towards Armageddon. All we saw was the President and his Joint Chiefs of Staff holed up in a bunker. We didn’t see the fear and anxiety of ordinary people as nuclear annihilation seemed imminent, thus the audience could not make an emotional connection to the final crucial events.

6. Ok, Alan Moore may have had a point. Maybe his story is better read than seen on the big screen. Maybe this should have been a trilogy. The comic book had lots of details, sub-plots, back stories, even a comic within a comic. And it made for great reading. Of course, you can’t have all that in a movie though.Still, you have to admire the effort put into producing this film. They really tried to stick to the original story given the less than three hours that they had.

7. No I don’t regret seeing this film. I’m just upset that I accidentally deleted my first two reviews.