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Posted: July 7, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Last month I was offered a internet radio DJ gig by for a segment that’s supposed to feature progressive-themed music.

Thanks to Nolit Abanilla, the program is up and running. It’s called The Mass Line and it’s on from 6-7pm daily. Just visit the site and click on the player.

Yep, I’m a DJ now, I think. We’ve featured music as diverse as those coming from Patatag, the Jerks, the Wuds, Blue Scholars, Heber Bartolome, Inti Illamani, Yano, Kiwi Illafonte, Gloc 9, Rickie Lee Jones, and even music from the revolutionary movement in Russia and the Philippines.

We hope to feature new works by our various cultural groups from the different sectors and regions. It is our hope that having an outlet like this could also encourage cultural groups, bands and performers to record their work. For your contributions, simply email them to and we’ll see if we can get them included in the playlist.

In the future, we hope to include a more theme-based playlist and also more information about the songs and artists. We also hope to do some commentaries and announcements of upcoming activities. That will all depend on how we could work out the schedules.

In time, I hope to go “live” like normal radio programs do. Just as soon as I find a way to go around busy skeds and all. Hmm. maybe on weekends.

If you have any suggestions on the format, content and other stuff, please feel free to write us at our email. This is all pretty new so nothing is cast in stone yet. The purpose is to really show that diverse music forms can incorporate a progressive theme and serve to raise awareness of social issues.


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