Pag-asa charts show water levels at San Roque Dam spiked as early as October 4

Posted: October 12, 2009 in Socio-Political
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PAG-ASA charts show water levels at San Roque Dam. One could see the spike as early as October 4 yet water was released only October 8 or 9. Why wait a few days? Why didn’t the management release water early on to prevent the massive flooding which took place rapidly. As som residents described it, the release was “too sudden” and there were no warnings. sanroq9

Is the decision to release water simply a discretion of the San Roque Power Corporation? Does government have a say in this, especially when there are thousands of lives affected? Is there no government oversight and intervention? Do business interests (power generation and operation of turbines) outweigh public interest?

These and more questions need to be answered. Another would be, why were the spilling levels moved from 280 meters to 290 meters?

Would it not have been possible to have gradually released water as early as October 4?


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