Things I learned from the CHR hearing last March 18

Posted: March 20, 2010 in Socio-Political
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1. The whole thing with the 43 health workers is the PNP’s fault, if we believe the AFP. It was the PNP who applied for the warrant, led the raid and had operational command. The AFP only played a supporting role.

2. For its supporting role, the AFP mobilized some 90 heavily armed troops.

3. Some 50 plus PNP personnel were involved in the operation.

4. The target of the combined 140 armed elements from the government was a lone gunman going by the name of Mario Condes.

5. For playing a minor and supporting role, the AFP’s Col. Baladad and Lt. Col. Abawag were given medals while no one from the PNP who supposedly led the operation were given any awards or recognition.

6. No one from the PNP has apparently seen Mario Condes… ever.

7. No one from the PNP knows anything about Mario Condes other than that he has guns and that he accosted a neighbor last January 3, based on an unverified complaint. No records (blotter) exist of this complaint.

8. Despite not knowing anything about Mario Condes, the PNP believes he is an influential person, who has influence even with the Rizal courts. This is supposedly the reason why the PNP applied for a warrant in Cavite, which is far away from the influence of the mysterious Mario Condes.

9. Did I mention the PNP knows nothing about Condes, except that he has unlicensed guns and that he’s influential?

10. The PNP says that the target of the search operation was Condes and not any NPA members.

11. The AFP’s Baladad says he did not see the search warrant bearing Condes’ name and that there were intel reports of NPA presence in the area. Baladad did not know that Condes was the target.

12. The PNP’s Supt. Marion Balonglong who applied for the warrant was not the one who served the warrant. Some other PNP guy did that.

13. The PNP was sure of the location of Condes, but apparently did not know his exact address so they could not indicate it in the warrant. They only knew his “exact” location, which was this rest house/resort in Maybangcal, Morong Rizal. To affirm this, the PNP conducted what they called “social investigation” on the said house.

14. The PNP was sure that the house they were raiding belonged to Condes, even if overwhelming evidence pointed the house belonged to Dr. Melecia Velmonte.

15. After arresting the 43, none of whom was Mario Condes, the PNP considered the operation a resounding success.

16. The PNP is no longer looking for Condes who remains at large and is considered armed and dangerous.

17. Despite not having operational command of the raid, Balonglong was the one who requested that the AFP take custody of the 43. The Morong PNP did not have the necessary bed space for such a huge catch. Quick thinking, Balonglong!

18. Supt. Balonglong still does not have any award or commendation despite his role in identifying the supposed whereabouts of Condes. Meanwhile, AFP best supporting actors Baladad and Abawag have been given Bronze Stars.

19. The AFP has such modest officers who refuse to take credit for a “successful’ operation, preferring to give it entirely to the PNP. The AFP officers though will take the medal anytime. The PNP national leadership under Gen. Versoza meanwhile would rather have the AFP get all the credit and/or blame as well as the custody of the 43 detainees.

20. Somebody better find this Mario Condes fast. As long as he’s out there, everyone is in danger. Yours could be the next house that might be raided because the AFP and PNP just might think Mario Condes lives there.


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