The Deported

Posted: November 7, 2010 in Music, Socio-Political
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Korean authorities detained and deported

A graying Jess Santiago

Whose only weapons were his voice and guitar

Thinking perhaps

That songs pierced deeper than bullets

And that an awakened people

Is more dangerous than a thousand bombs


(Korean translation by Comrade Sanghee)



한국 정부가

긴 회색 머리의 제스를 억류하고 추방했다.

노래와 기타가 유일한 무기인 제스.

총 보다 더 깊은 상처를 내고

수 많은 사람들을 일깨우는 노래.

수 천개의 핵폭탄보다 더 위험한 노래.






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