Updates in the fight to FREE the 43: Another day of waiting

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Morong 43, Socio-Political
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No order came out today from the Morong RTC and MTC. It’s been two days since the court concluded the hearing. The case is already submitted for decision.

Today, relatives and supporters of the Morong43 waited outside the court for any news. The judge appeared to be reviewing the documents submitted yesterday. If the judge is studying the documents to make sure that the decision she will render is air-tight, then that is understandable. However, further delays may give time for those wishing to sabotage the release to maneuver. It is no secret that groups like ANAD are actively and openly opposing the release. ANAD apparently has even manuevered to get its position aired by the House Minority, unbeknownst to the leadership of the Minority. Many members of the Minority, even Minority Leader Edcel Lagman, signed the Paid Ad for the Morong 43. So it is just weird if the Minority would make a sudden turn-around. Just goes to show the great lengths groups like ANAD will go to undermine the release of the 43.

Tomorrow we will again wait outside the Morong courts. Christmas is fast approaching and long wait has been really stressful especially for the families of the 43. Tomorrow will mark one week since Pres. Aquino issued the order withdrawing the case against the health workers.

We enjoin everyone to attend the welcome activity for the 43. An announcement will be made thru text, Twitter and FB on the time and venue of the activity. Stay tuned.


THIS JUST IN: ANAD nuisance Pastor Alcover files another “Motion to Intervene” before Morong courts to oppose the DOJ motion withdrawing the charges against the Morong 43. This guy never quits. His filing, other than exposing what an incorrigible a** he is, is legally meaningless.


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