Things I’ve learend so far from the impeachment trial

Posted: February 7, 2012 in Socio-Political
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  1. The Corona impeachment complaint is poorly written and obviously rushed, with portions of it now unravelling, to the detriment of the entire cause. This has been the reason of many delays and confusion. We can only blame the Aquino adminstration (the orchestrator) and its allies in the House of Representatives for this blunder. Sloppy work and mediocrity have become hallmarks of this administration.
  2. Living beyond one’s official salary seems to be the rule rather than exception the higher you go up the bureaucratic ladder. If a Customs clerk can drive a Porsche, why can’t Supreme Court justices and lawmakers own mansions, condos and other fancy stuff?
  3. “Rules on evidence” is something the defense likes to invoke everytime it wants to conceal something.
  4. Farinas makes more sense than Tupas. ‘Nuff said.
  5. For a process that’s supposedly political and dependent on public opinion, the prosecution is not doing a good job of raising the one issue that the public is most interested in: GMA.

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