10 things government may consider building a wall to “conceal” (because they are embarrassing or obscene)

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Not-so-serious

Photo from AP

The Philippine government recently built walls to conceal poverty at the time of the meeting of the Asian Development Bank. However, there could be more embarassing or obscene sights that government might consider fencing in or erecting a wall to cover up.

10. SM Malls – Cutting trees, cutting workers rights, and potentially displacing people due to condominium projects.

9. Camp Aguinaldo – All those AFP rights violations and no one made accountable. What could be more embarrassing than that? Imagine what the international community is thinking?

8. Imelda Marcos – Nearly P1 billion pesos worth in her SALN, and still no justice for the Marcos victims. Something’s definitely wrong there. Plus the irony of giving her a dose of her own medicine is priceless.

7. Regional Wage Boards– They don’t do much to help workers. They get paid to make sure workers don’t get paid right.

6. Scarborough Shoal – Not embarrassing or obscene, but convenient. Might just keep the Chinese boats out of PH territory

5. Offices of the oil companies – They make an obscene amount of money while we suffer.

4. Veteran’s Memorial Medical Hospital – While GMA may be inside under hospital arrest, government may want the people to forget that we’re a long way towards achieving justice.

3. The Presidential Communications Group – A source of often embarrassing and/or confusing statements as well as justifications of everything that seems to be wrong in government.

2. The US Embassy – Self-explanatory.

Photo Pinoy Weekly

1. Hacienda Luisita – More than 6,000 hectares owned by one family. Totally obscene.

Photo GMA News


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