Are survey results being recycled?

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We ask this question after news of the “latest” Social Weather Stations survey came out showing that 3 out of 4 Filipinos are satisfied with the performance of the Aquino administration. The +66 net satisfaction rating was called a record high. News of the survey results came out September 19, at the height of the Zamoboanga crisis and the pork barrel scandal. The SWS survey was said to have been conducted between June 28-30.

It just so happened that this is not the first time the SWS survey from June 28-30 was used in a news story. Reports of what appears to be the same survey already came out last July 22, just hours before Aquino was set to deliver his State of the Nation Address. In July 22, Aquino’s net satisfaction rating was pegged at +64 according to SWS.

Are the results released in July and September just based on one survey (June 28-30) with the same set of respondents? And if so, why release the results in two batches, one as a survey  on Aquino’s net satisfaction rating and another as a survey on the Aquino (national) administration’s net satisfaction rating?

More importantly, why are the results of the survey apparently taken last June 28-30 released months apart, with the releases appearing to be timed for crucial events such as the SONA and now the Zamboanga crisis and the pork barrel scandal?

It is clear of course who really stands to benefit from this conditioning of the public mind. Aquino has become desperate as he continues to resist widespread calls for the abolition of the pork barrel system and for the prosecution of all those involved in the pork scam, including administration allies. Aquino just faced his biggest protest last August 26 and the protests are being sustained throughout the country for the month of September. Not many people fell for Aquino’s “abolish pork” speech before August 26. Aquino even tried to make it appear that he and the Luneta protesters were on the same side. The Aquino regime then went on to attack anti-pork protesters, sowing intrigues that made it appear the groups were not united.

By next week, the new pork system would have been passed on second reading by the House of Representatives. It is still pork, just by another name. Tomorrow, groups will commemorate the 41st anniversary of Martial Law as they vow to “level up” the protests and to #neverPORKget.

P.S. : Shout out to PxO for the heads up.

Results of June 28-30 survey released September 19, 2013.

Results of June 28-30 survey released in July 22.


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