An Open Letter to Mar Roxas in the aftermath of Mamasapano

Posted: March 4, 2015 in Socio-Political

Dear Mar,
It has been a difficult 40 days for the Filipino people and the families of all those who died in the Mamasapano incident. I could imagine it has been a difficult period for you as well.

I heard your radio interview today as you announced that the Board of Inquiry report will be out soon and that you also sought answers to the questions on everyone’s mind. I also saw your TV interview and how you said that despite being kept in the dark about Mamasapano, you think it was still the President’s call and that you seemed to accept that. But you said it, seemingly with a heavy heart.

Both in the radio interview and in the Senate hearings, you always stopped short of bringing the issue of accountability to the President. Reasonable people believe that the President, in assigning his suspended buddy Gen. Purisima, violated the Ombudsman suspension order as well as the PNP chain of command. This violation, which was the basis of the utter lack of coordination among government agencies, proved to be fatal for the SAF.

How can you be so blind to this basic conclusion when it is already staring you in the face? You of all people should know this.

How can you stand the constant lying of the President; when he said that he would wait for the BOI probe on why you and Gen. Espina weren’t informed, when clearly he already knew WHY you weren’t informed. Aquino after all coordinated only with Purisima throughout the entire planning, preparation and execution of the operation to get Marwan. Aquino already knew of Napenas’ recommendation that Espina and the AFP would only be informed “time on target”, meaning you and the PNP chain of command will be kept out of the loop up to the last minute. How can you accept the lie that the President was only consulting Purisima about the jargon of the operation, when text messages reveal that Purisima was providing updates to the President and that the President in turn was giving instructions to Purisima.

Aquino even said in his first televised addressed that he previously discussed the Marwan operations with you, yet in the briefing with Napenas on January 26, you clearly said you had no idea of previous attempts to get Marwan.

How can you convince people of your leadership qualities when you meekly accept that you were left out of the loop in Mamasapano; that when you reported to the President, all he texted was “thank you” along with the reminder that you shouldn’t publicly discuss details of the operation?

Mar, it is not enough to tell the public that you didn’t know of the operation in Mamasapano. It is not enough to claim ignorance. That does not establish the accountability of those who knew. That does not render justice to those who died.

Mar, your current position is untenable and downright pathetic. How long will you go along with the lies? How long will you allow yourself to be treated like a presidential doormat? How do you expect people to respect you as a leader when you allow yourself to be disrespected by the person you claim to serve?

Are you still waiting for Aquino’s endrosement for 2016? Seriously, do you think that would do you any good?

But this is not just about you and your personal political ambitions. There is a lot more at stake here. By allowing yourself to be part of the grand cover up, you disrespect the memories of the men who died under your watch. You commit a great disservice to the Filipino people. And you again show us what kind of a leader you are in the face of a crisis.

Mar, please do yourself a favor. Please do everyone a favor. Stop defending Aquino. Make a stand. Give up your post as a sign of protest. In doing so, you will gain a lot more respect now than you ever did during the last 5 years. ###



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