5 reasons why Abaya should be removed from the DOTC

Posted: January 8, 2016 in Uncategorized


1. Sec. Abaya failed to address the outstanding maintenance issues of the MRT 3. The train system has since deteriorated under his watch. The worst accident happened also under his watch.

2. Sec. Abaya implemented an illegal fare hike for the MRT and LRT last January 4, 2015. The increase is the subject of a petition before the SC.

3. Sec.Abaya entered into an anomalous and disadvantageous privatization contract involving the LRT 1 and its Cavite extension line. The 32-yr contract is loaded with sovereign guarantees.

4. Sec. Abaya wants to change the location of the planned common terminal from SM North Annex to Trinoma, where it would be impossible for the 3 train lines to actually connect, making line transfers harder for commuters; all because DOTC wants to favor certain private interests. Abaya also wants to build 2 common stations as a compromise, which actually defeats the idea of a “common station” and which will cost the government more.

5. Sec. Abaya and other DOTC officials were involved in the anomalous PH Trams maintenance contract for the MRT3. So far, only former MRT GM Al Vitangcol has been charged for the contract by the Ombudsman. Abaya signed the contract.



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