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The Philippine government recently built walls to conceal poverty at the time of the meeting of the Asian Development Bank. However, there could be more embarassing or obscene sights that government might consider fencing in or erecting a wall to cover up.

10. SM Malls – Cutting trees, cutting workers rights, and potentially displacing people due to condominium projects.

9. Camp Aguinaldo – All those AFP rights violations and no one made accountable. What could be more embarrassing than that? Imagine what the international community is thinking?

8. Imelda Marcos – Nearly P1 billion pesos worth in her SALN, and still no justice for the Marcos victims. Something’s definitely wrong there. Plus the irony of giving her a dose of her own medicine is priceless.

7. Regional Wage Boards– They don’t do much to help workers. They get paid to make sure workers don’t get paid right.

6. Scarborough Shoal – Not embarrassing or obscene, but convenient. Might just keep the Chinese boats out of PH territory

5. Offices of the oil companies – They make an obscene amount of money while we suffer.

4. Veteran’s Memorial Medical Hospital – While GMA may be inside under hospital arrest, government may want the people to forget that we’re a long way towards achieving justice.

3. The Presidential Communications Group – A source of often embarrassing and/or confusing statements as well as justifications of everything that seems to be wrong in government.

2. The US Embassy – Self-explanatory.

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1. Hacienda Luisita – More than 6,000 hectares owned by one family. Totally obscene.

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Eulogy for NU 107

Posted: November 4, 2010 in Music, Not-so-serious
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The end of NU 107 marks the end of an era in Philippine music. As we relish the remaining days of the station, we look back at 23 years of rock that has changed the Philippine music landscape.

Below is a link to a tribute/eulogy to the late great station responsible for kids picking up instruments and forming bands and playing music that they like.

From one who was part of the post-XB generation
For your test broadcast in 1987 that opened the eyes of a kid just out of grade school
(Even though late, we thought New Wave was cool)
For The Bolshoi and X-mal Deutschland,
Gene Loves Jezebel and The Smiths
For The Clash, The Ramones and the Sex Pistols
And the White Wedding of Billy Idol
For the 10,000 Maniacs and Midnight Oil
For U2, The The and REM
For the early mornings you’d play the WUDS’ “Teachers and Cheaters”
For Till Tuesday, Sheryl Crow and the Pretenders
For Gin Blossoms and Weezer
Belly and The Breeders
For the Eraserheads and Yano
The occasional Ethnic Faces and Binky Lampano
For Rizal Underground and Color it Red
For the Breed’s Black Mercedes Benz
Can we forget Remote Control Weekends?
For Trop Dep and Coco Jam
For Datu’s Tribe, Razorback and Wolfgang
Sugar Hiccup and Urban Dub
Slapshock, Queso and Greyhoundz
For G n’ R, Aerosmith and Poison
And all the glam/metal bands that abused hairspray
For Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana
Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day
For the Rock Awards that saw The Jerks win Album of the Year
For Metallica and Rage Against the Machine
And the awesome guitarists of Mr. Big and Extreme
For rock jocks that made mornings interesting
For opening your airwaves during the EDSA 2 uprising
For not spreading hate by bashing hip-hop
And those who still enjoyed pop
For Two Girls in one show
And for the pioneering In the Raw
And Rock ED Radio
And though we haven’t been close lately
I will fondly remember you for being part of my musical education and growth
As you sign off, with some of us still in shock
You will be always be remembered as
The Home of Nu Rock

*After 23 years, NU 107 officially signs off on Sunday Nov.7, 11:59pm

IISA PA LAMANG characters have a way of making light what should be an otherwise dramatic and emotional situation.

Take for example the conversation between the “back from the dead” Isadora and her daughter Sophia who just recently discovered her mom was alive.

Sophia: I’m glad you’re ok.
Isadora: Di ako naniniwala sa iyo. Pina-plastic mo lang ako…
Sophia: Ma, na-depress ako nung nawala ka.
Isadora: Totoo ba yan? Umiyak ka ba talaga nung nalunod ako sa kumunoy?

Ayos di ba?

Excited na talaga ako sa ending nito. Ito ang second highly anticipated event ko for the week, next only to the US presidential elections. hehe. At least sa US elections, may idea na tayo kung paano ang ending. Sa IPL, no idea pa rin kung paano matetepok si Isadora.

We can now safely say….the awesomeness is back!

From the moment we read Scarlet’s note to Isadora, (Manigas ka, Bitch!), we knew that the awesomeness of IISA PA LAMANG has been restored. We had to sit through two weeks of lame and boring episodes before the story picked up again.

Last Friday, there was the Isadora and Scarlet confrontation:

Scarlet: Every inmate has a bitch. Then you will be mine.

Tonight we witnessed a lot of gun-pointing and some shooting. Almost all the major characters had guns. Miguel, Isadora, Catherine, Vernon. And while there was a lot of gun-pointing, there was also a lot of talking. Makes you wonder why is it that these characters take their time explaining things at gun-point. So we come to the confrontation between Isadora, Catherine and Sophia.

Sophia: Ma, she’s my sister.
Isadora (in a mocking tone): “She’s my sister…”

Isadora confesses to all the evil things she did, the murders, frame-ups and so on. Which drives Catherine into a murderous rage. Which prompts Isadora to shoot Catherine, only to end up shooting her own daughter Sophia.

Then we see Rafael Torralba (Gabby Concepcion) arrive with his congressional posse’ who were all armed. We then wonder at the scene where Rafael single-handedly confronts an armed Vernon. Why would a congressman with a dozen bodyguards, go after the armed villain on his own. What is even more ridiculous is after Rafael subdues Vernon, he turns his back on the latter and calls on his bodyguards on his cellphone. At this point, Vernon gets up and whacks Rafael from behind. WTF??!!

But the best scene tonight? An amazing twist happened.

While being pursued by Catherine, Isadora accidentally falls into…. QUICKSAND! Holy cow, there was quicksand in Hacienda Amadesto! Kala ko sa gubat lang yun. The quicksand did what it usually does, “swallow” its victim. Catherine now has a moral dilemma, to save Isadora or just let her sink to a much-deserved horrible muddy death. Of course Catherine does the noble thing, and that is to help Isadora by extending a tree branch she can grab.

But Isadora has a practical dilemma of her own. Does she let go of the bag full of money and jewels, her loot bag and last chance at wealth, so she can grab the tree branch that could save her life. Isadora, as expected holds on to her loot. Catherine, not knowing what to do, decides to run for help and leaves Isadora. When they got back, ISADORA WAS NO LONGER THERE!?

Holy crap, Isadora’s gone!? Swallowed by the earth!

It was Sophia who pointed out the irony of it all. That Isadora would meet her end at the hacienda which was the focal point of the conflicts between the characters. The hacienda she sought to control would be the hacienda that would be the end of her.

So to our avid viewers, the question on all our minds is, IS ISADORA REALLY GONE?

In the opening sequence, we see Katherine and Scarlet face off at the corridor, exchanging the usual barbs that make this such an interesting series to watch.

Scarlet: Social climber ka talaga. Pauwi na lang, nakuha mo pang mag-change costume. You look a bit overdressed para sa uuwian mong squatters area.

Then Miguel enters the scene, to the dismay of Scarlet. She thus addresses Katherine…

Scarlet: You look like a dirty whore who’s just about to do her job…

Catherine: Coming from you, I should be flattered…. (si) Miguel, excited.

(Nato: medyo confusing itong last exchange na ito.)

After receiving their respective nominations for president of Dela Rhea Foods, the two give their parting shots.

Scarlet: Good luck bitch.

Katherine: May the best bitch win.

Each nominee is given time to make their argument before the board.

Scarlet: Dear board members, mula pagkabata ko, mulat na ako sa kumpanyang ito. Walang ibang bukambibig ang tatay ko kundi DLR foods. This is my birthright…. Yung iba sa inyo dito, nanggaling sa wala…pero tiniyaga kayong i-train blah blah ng tatay ko… tignan nyo naman may inabot na kayo. Siguro naman dapat lang tumanaw ng utang na loob sa tatay ko. Let’s keep DLR a family corporation….

Scarlet: (After all), blood is always thicker… than canal water.

(Ang lupet, di ba?)

When her turn came, Katherine delivers an Obama-esque speech on why she must be voted president of DLR Foods.

Katherine: DLR Foods is indeed a family corporation… naging bahagi din ako ng pamilya nyo…blah blah. Nakita nyo naman kung paano ang pamamalakd at pagpatakbo ko. Karamihan sa inyo nakaranas ng pamumuno ni scarlet. Let the figures speak for itself. Well, nasa sa inyo yan, kung gusto ninyo na by the end of the year, ga-singko lang ang dividend na mauuwi nyo, vote for Scarlet…

Pero kung ako ang iboboto nyo, tinitiyak ko, lahat tayo, lalangoy sa pera.

Blood may be thicker than water, pero sino ba naman ang may gusto ng infected blood. Kung si Scarlet ang iboboto nyo, na parang infected ng HIV virus, para rin ninyong tinaningan ang kumpanyang ito.

In a desperate attempt to swing votes in her favor, Scarlet invokes the age old tenet of LOYALTY.

But Katherine invokes an even better age-old tenet, that of HARD WORK, to quote Katherine, “sipag at tiyaga” na “hindi lang basta minana”.

Katherine: Ako ang iboto nyo at wag ang spoiled brat na anak na si Scarlet.

Predictably, Katherine wins the vote thanks to her Obama-esque speech about failed leadership and the change we can all believe in (Read: lahat tayo lalangoy sa pera). This gives rise to the next exchange.

Scarlet: Mga wala kayong utang na loob!

Katherine: Di ka rin pala spoiled brat. Loser ka rin.

Scarlet: Tandaan mo, magtutuos pa tayong dalawa.

Katherin: Ok, bye. Tsupi. Alis.

Meanwhile, in a detention facility not far away…

Sophia: San ka ba makakita ng nanay na tinitiis makulong ang anak nya…

Isadora: Sige na, sige na, peace na tayo….

Katherine, after buying the majority shares of Dela Rhea Foods, drops by Scarlett’s house to tell her the good/bad news. Katherine is now big boss of the company.

Katherine: Sa umaga pag punta ko sa opisina, gusto ko ipagtimpla mo ako ng kape… black, VERY BLACK. Kasing pait ng buhay na ipalalasap ko sa iyo!

Scarlett: Go to hell! Go to hell!
Katherine: I’ll see you there… (as she flashes that maniacal smile)

The two again had an unpleasant encounter at the Dela Rhea boardroom.

Katherine: Nalusutan na naman kita, through the backdoor.
Scarlett: Backdoor, backstabbing, backbiting….dyan ka naman magaling.
Katherine: Umalis ka na sa trono ko… dahil nagbalik na ang tunay na reyna. (saka tinapon ang mamahaling purse/bag ni Scarlett mula sa mesa na parang gamit na tissue. astig.)

Nato: Medyo dumadami na ang mga isyu sa tele-serye na ito. May namamatay, nakukulong, corporate take-over, backstabbing, frame up etc.. mahirap yung andaming sub-plots. Nawawalan ng focus, focus sa mga matitinding dialogue at awesome quotes. =)