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The February 29 Ayala rally produced some interesting music highlights. There were more bands and other cultural performers than February 15 activity. The fight against corruption and the Arroyo regime continues. This time the numbers were bigger.

First the rally estimates. Organizers reached an initial consensus of 75,000 as the figure to be announced to the media. The crowd was really big, filling up the main streets and the sidewalks. Scientific estimates by Agham friends calculate the rally to have reached 50,000 plus. Then there is also the “replacement factor” being mentioned by Prof. Gani Tapang which simply states that people come and go and that you can’t get an accurate figure of participants simply by looking at the photo at one given time. The rally lasted 4 hours and so people came and went throughout that time.

Now for the acts that day.

1. A lot of people were impressed and moved by the poem read by Armida Siguion-Reyna.

2. Punk legends The Wuds got the crowd on their feet with renditions of Nakalimutan ang Diyos and Inosente lang ang Nagtataka. Good to know that the younger generation of rockers still know where Pinoy punk’s roots are.

3. The Jerks delivered another solid performance as they sung Sayaw sa Bubog. I think they only sang one song, due to time constraints.

4. Rally first-timer Coffee Break Island sang their single Gahaman and did a cover of Woolly-Boolly.

5. Datu’s Tribe rocked the stage even if they were the last band to perform. I just regret not being able to really listen to their song since I was tied up with other matters.

6. The Spidey-clad Peter Parker, who has of late been heard over DZMM’s Tambalang Failon and Sanchez (the only radio program that plays his song), gave a spirited performance of an anti-corruption rap. The dude is also a Gospel rapper by the way.

7. Crazy as Pinoy did a fist-pounding cover of Stick Figgas’ “Liham sa Panuglo” which really energized the crowd of various classes and sectors. Everyone was bouncing to the beat. We hope the original authors of the song, Stick Figgas, will soon be able to perform in one of these activities.

8. Activist groups Tambisan sa Sining, Sining Lila, Sining Bulosan and Musicians for Peace provided scathing commentaries through original pieces and “spoofs” of popular songs.

9. Anak ni Aling Juana did a cover of a Mike Hanopol classic, modifying it by saying “Kahit na anong mangyari, OUST GMA kami”.

Our one regret is that there was not enough time to accommodate so many artists and performers. Music provided one of the highlights of the rally. It unified the crowd inasmuch as slogans and chants did. Lyrics became as piercing as the fiery speeches we are used to hearing on stage.  A principled stand mixed with youthful rage is truly a volatile combination.

Credit goes to Carlitos Siguion-Reyna and his crew who worked to keep the program together. A big thanks to all the artists who came that night and provided memorable moments in the protests.