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Photo from Interaksyon

1. The calls for abolishing pork barrel and holding accountable those involved in PDAF scam should be sharply addressed to the PH government, chiefly represented by the Aquino regime. Aquino should stop defending pork and those officials benefiting from it. Time to rechannel pork to public services. Time to mobilize all relevant government agencies from Ombudsman to DOJ, from the House of Representatives to the Senate, to flush out the truth and hold those involved accountable.

2. People can go to Luneta via different routes. There can be marches, motorcades, alay lakad, bikes and so on. Whatever mode suits you. All can converge in Luneta.

3. The place is big enough to accommodate all sorts of activities. There could be teach-ins, discussion groups, performances, street paintings, flash mobs and the like. We can maximize the venue so that people can express themselves in different ways.

4. The event should be inclusive and flexible enough to allow various forms of expression and outrage. Each form has its own attraction and advantage. Participants can choose what they think suits them.

5. A mobile sound system, even if there is no stage, is important to keep people updated and informed about the different activities. Groups can also bring their own portable sound systems for their events. Those attending as groups should be responsible for their community or contingents. Those attending as individuals should be welcomed and encouraged to join community activities.

6. At some point, there should be a common symbolic action where all participants can join in. The rally, the coming together, the symbolic action, will be our strongest message to the powers that be.

These are simple proposals that various groups and individuals can easily unite on for the success of the event.