“Eh ba’t di kayo nagra-rally kay Binay?”

Posted: July 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

Photo from Philippine Star

I’ve recently been the subject of vicious online attacks by Yellow trolls trying to drag me into a discussion about Binay, at a time when Aquino is set to deliver his last SONA. The move appears calculated and coordinated by Palace communications personnel ahead of the planned nationwide protests on Monday. The Yellow trolls wish to obscure the crimes of Aquino by playing up Binay’s. They hope to draw attention away from Aquino’s failed promises and lack of accomplishments on the day he is set to report to the people.

We’ve already made our position clear on the allegations regarding Binay’s wealth. The statement is available on our website. http://www.bayan.ph/2015/05/16/on-the-allegations-of-binays-billions/ . This issue however cannot be used to downplay the bigger crimes of Aquino. No amount of Yellow trolling can cover up the fact that Aquino remains the number one protector and beneficiary of the corrupt social system– from billions in presidential pork and lump-sum appropriations, questionable PPP deals, illegal DAP, the problematic CCT, the hidden PDAF, favors to his KKK, impeachment bribery, turning a blind eye to his cabinet officials involved in scams and so on. The national budget is rigged to favor the incumbent in the 2016 elections. Aquino also repeatedly lied to the public in relation to Purisima’s involvement in the Mamasapano incident. According to a Senate report, he was ultimately responsible for Mamasapano.

The entire state machinery is already being mobilized to go after Binay — the Ombudsman, Senate, AMLC, DOJ, DILG, and PNP.  The considerable resources of government are already being made to bear on the vice-president. The same however cannot be said of Aquino who has constantly used these same institutions and resources to protect himself.

Activists have focused their protests on Aquino because he is the main representative of the current system. He holds the reins of power. He’s the one in charge. He is the one setting the policies that have affected the people. He is ultimately responsible. He has yet to be made truly accountable. He is the one delivering the SONA on July 27. ###


The Yellow trolls who love pretending to be unaligned or neutral should also be asked why, despite the numerous evidence of Aquino’s misdeeds, they still frantically cling to the discredited “daang matuwid”.


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